Anno 1800 is a popular RTS game that just launched its Season 4 pass. However, developers at MegaDev conducted research using Anno 1800 to learn gamers are more happy using cheats in games.

The study using leading neurotechnology group Brainamics that found gamers confidence rose 98.5% using PLITCH. This software created by MegaDev minimized the tedious parts of Anno 1800 such as micro-managing everything.

Players found the experience to be “more enjoyable” as a result as seen in the brain wave activity shown below.

In the control group, 60% of the participants that like strategy games enjoyed Anno 1800, while 40% of the participants who listed action games as their favorite genre experienced boredom during their gameplay session. In the PLITCH group, all of the participants enjoyed the game regardless of their genre preference, and none of them were affected by strong boredom, as can be observed in the heatmap. On average, the PLITCH users had significantly more fun playing Anno 1800 with higher positivity and activity. 

Anno 1800 is now available for PC.

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