Arise: A Simple Story deals with the aftermath of Fruit with the player traveling through ash and fire, with more memories to collect.

Memory 1

When entering the tunnel make sure time is reversed, it’ll make it easier to spot the cave on the left. This is where the memory is located. Use your time powers to create a grapple point and head across.

Memory 2

From the first memory, stick to the left side until you see a light. Reverse time to reveal an opening and head through the cave. Using your time powers create a bridge to get across and a door leading to the memory.

Memory 3

After heading across the gap, stay on the rock and use your powers to get the fire to lead away. The memory is on the lower left.

Memory 4

After crossing the bridge stand in the area seen above and shift the fire away from the lower left to the upper right. Head down and climb across the vine on the bottom side and shift the fire away to grab the memory.

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