Arise: A Simple Story’s Fruit is the most depressing chapter but highlights the highs and lows of life. Here are all the memory locations.

Memory 1

Leaping across the pink orbs, you’ll come across the first memory easily. It’s above and you can reverse time to grab it using the orb.

Memory 2

Getting to the area shown above, leap on the pink orb and reverse time to get to the memory.

Memory 3

When triggering the second flower, fast forward time to bring up the pink orb. Then reverse time to get to the area below.

Memory 4

This one is tricky. Use the reverse time ability to bring down the orb to get to the memory. However, you have to maintain your gait so you don’t fall off.

Memory 5

Reaching the next flower you’ll come to bouncy orbs leading you to jump up. Instead, reverse time to get lower and get the memory.

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