Arise: A Simple Story’s 4th level has you dealing with the fear of being alone and locating your lost love. Here are all the memory locations.

Memory 1

On the left side of the starting area.

Memory 2

After encountering the spirits you’ll come to a checkpoint with a tree. On the left side is some climbable rocks hidden by the darkness. Using the time power create a flash of light using thunder to clear the path leading to the memory.

Memory 3

When getting to the checkpoint seen above, climb the rocks to find the next memory behind the rock at the top.

Memory 4

Heading down from the previous memory, drop down and head right and down. You’ll find some rocks leading to the water. Jump across to find the next memory.

Memory 5

Heading across the lake using a grapple point, you’ll find more spirits. Right from the start head right to find the memory. There’s a checkpoint that lights up by the memory.

Memory 6

Getting to the checkpoint above, use the rocks to get to a tree grappling point. Use it to get across and grab the memory.


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