Arise: A Simple Story level 3 shows the old man and his love leaving their town to start anew. Here are all the memory locations.

Memory 1

From the start, head left and down to grab the first memory.

Memory 2

This one is easy as well. Once you grapple across a gap using a tree, head down to grab the memory.

Memory 3

When getting to a falling piece of rock, instead of using it to just get up the ledge to the checkpoint reverse time all the way up. The memory is on the right.

Memory 4

After a cutscene, head to the middle of the path leading away. Fast forward time to drop (image above shows where) below and grab the memory following the path on the left.

Memory 5

After climbing a cliff you’ll come to a tree and must use a rocking piece of rock to get across. Like with memory 3, reverse time to get higher and grab the memory along the path.

Memory 6

This one is tricky. Coming to a boulder that destroys a platform you have to slow down time, using RT on gamepad, to get on top of it from the bottom ledge. Reverse time to get to the memory.

Memory 8

After the next cutscene, head up towards the next checkpoint. You can see the memory, head down and when you get to a gap, reverse time to bring down a log. Position it to get to the climbing rocks and keep doing so to get to the memory.

Memory 9

After the next cutscene head across the path and opposite side (image above) is some climbable rocks. Use them to get to the memory.

Memory 10

You’re supposed to use a rock to get to the ledge above but instead, keep walking to find a rock heading down. Take the rock down using your time powers and grab the final memory.

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