Arise: A Simple Story furthers the old man’s journey and includes even more memories, here’s where they are all located.

Memory 1

Right from the start head left and towards the bottom to find the memory by a large rock.

Memory 2

After using the bee to get across the gap don’t go into the tree trunk. Instead, head down and left to find the memory.

Memory 3

When reaching the snails, use the snail on the left (image above) and reverse time to head across the lake. The memory is on the mushroom in the cove.

Memory 4

After getting into the tree trunk, head down and you’ll find more snails. Use them to get to the memory.

Memory 5

The second snail puzzle requires you to get on top of some mushrooms. Getting on top of the mushrooms you must use a bee to get across. Instead, reverse time to get to another large mushroom to get the memory.

Memory 6

Eventually, you’ll come to some empty snail shells. hop onto the rock to get across to a small piece of land and use the snail to get across using your time powers.

Memory 7

When reaching a cliff to scale, before heading up use your time powers to position the bee within grabbing distance. Use your hook to grab it and reverse time to head down and grab the memory.

Memory 8

During the dandelion platforming challenge, you’ll come across a hollow tree. Instead of going up head down to grab the memory.

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