Having trouble grabbing all the memories in Arise: A Simple Story? Here’s how to get them all in Level 1 She.

Memory 1

Reaching the second island, the memory is on the right side when on top of the island. Using the time manipulation to increase the snow pile size and climb on the long rock to hop to the one with the memory.

Memory 2

When you get to the left side of the third island you’ll see 3 rocks leading to the ocean on the beach. Climb on the rock on the beach and hop across to the memory. Use the time manipulation to raise the water and grab the memory using the raft.

Memory 3

Heading to the ledge on the island you have the option to climb to the top to trigger a cutscene of a boy statue. Instead, head down to the beach again and you’ll find the memory inside the cover by the water.

Memory 4

On the right side of the boy statue, head down the hill. Like the first memory use the time power to increase the snow pile and reach the memory.

Memory 5

Reaching the end of the level you’ll come to a hill filled with flowers leading you towards the top. Head around the hill to grab the final memory.

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