Retro first-person shooters are incredibly popular now and today developer Buckshot Software released a new gameplay trailer for Project Warlock IIIncluding information on the early access release.

Players will step into the shoes of Palmer who must defend his castle from invading demons. It will offer the first single-player chapter out of the planned three, each featuring its own playable protagonist. The developer stated that all levels will grow in size as you progress.

Adrenaline-pumping gore retro funhouse that’s full of guns, magic, demons, vertical arenas, 3D visuals, 2D sprites, and heavy metal music. Inspired by FPS classics like Quake and Doom 64, Project Warlock II is the explosive boomer shooter sequel you were too shy to ask for.

Early Access of Project Warlock II is planned for about 1 year. The developers will gather feedback and refine gameplay while working on the remaining chapters of the game.

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