One of the best things about Apex Legends is the fact that Respawn looks to bring in other game modes. They know that in order for Apex Legends to keep dominating the shooter market it has to be more than a battle royal. Throughout most seasons of the game, limited-time modes, as well as new game modes like Arenas, pop up to reinvigorate players.

During the build-up to season 12 of the game, the developers showed off a limited-time mode called Control. It pits teams of players in a 9v9 fight to control three points on several POIs from the battle royal mode. It is very similar to Domination from the Call of Duty franchise. The mode is out now and I have some quick tips to help you hit the ground running. This definitely feels like a test-build to see if the community is interested enough for this to be permanent so it is a good idea to learn it now.

Death Means Nothing

In Control, players respawn infinitely though it is under a cooldown. This is of course different from every other mode to ever be in Apex Legends. It offers this mode as a great opportunity for players to practice their shots and get comfortable fighting in very tense and heavy gunfights.  It is a great idea to run a movement-based legend. Valkyrie, Octane, and Pathfinder players thrive in this mode as they are able to get onto points incredibly fast and exit fights that get too hard.

The best thing to do is to get to B as quickly as you can. Let your teammates cap your spawn point. Whatever team gets to B first and captures it generally sets the tone for the match. This also makes it way easier to turn the tide and grab the enemy point near their spawn. I’ll speak more on that later though.

Things That Work

Characters aren’t really limited in this mode. Each team can choose whatever characters they want and only lock within that team. So, if another team picks Wraith, she doesn’t lock for the other squads on that team, which is nice. This means a max of six of the same character can be in the same match. It can really make the game chaotic in a mostly fun way. Coordinating with your squad through this is key since there is no way of knowing when a teammate is going to use ultimate abilities or push.

If you see a Gibraltar ult from your team and you have yours as a Gibraltar coordinate yours by throwing it where the enemy may try fleeing to. This will potentially open up a huge push opportunity to get a point back or get to a new capture point.

One of the great aspects of this mode is that healing is infinite and shields will rebuild over time. You can heal up your health bar at any moment and simply need to disengage at any point to start rebuilding your shield. Everyone starts with a blue shield and blue weapon from set loadouts. That brings me to one of my final positives for the mode.

The final thing Control has going for it is how it treats weapons. Everyone picks from loadouts that rotate every so often to keep the game feeling fresh. Some attachments like sights can be altered to your liking. The game periodically has drops come in with stronger weapons and performing well in a match brings in additional rewards. If you can get a Kraber off one of the drops you’re in for a fun match.


The Downside to This Mode

The thing that made me personally set the mode aside and not return to it was the lack of spawn protection. With a multiplayer pedigree as high as Respawn Entertainment’s it absolutely baffles me that this seems to have been overlooked. Each team spawns in set locations on opposite sides of the map, like in most multiplayer games. But it is entirely possible to never get to leave that room after a certain point in the match.

If the other team is steamrolling yours, they can freely sit near where players spawn and mow them down before they can even react. If this mode does come to the full game as a mainstay this needs to be combated. Throw the Overwatch solution at it and make players invincible at a certain point in the spawn room. Take a page from Gears of War and give five seconds of invulnerability after spawning.

Back-to-back matches were lost literally because we couldn’t leave our spawn because it was being camped so hard that I expected a park ranger to knock on my door and remind me about the dangers of campfires. It completely killed my experience with the mode. It reminded me that I don’t come to Apex Legends for game modes like this. I come for the incredible way gunfights feel, and the experience that their take on Battle Royal brings to the table.


Wrapping Up

Control is overall a great step for Apex Legends. It needs work and ironing out but if this is what the future of Apex Legends holds, it’s going to be a great time for a long time to come. Apex Legends Mobile has a team deathmatch mode live in its beta access. I really hope that something like that hits the main game going forward.

Let us know down below what you think of the mode. Are you having fun with the mode? Any other tips you’ve picked up worth sharing, sound off and tell us.