Since its release, Marvel’s Avengers has faced an uphill battle, and even after a year of fixes and content added the game still has many problems. With Patch 2.2.2 fixing a lot more issues.

  • Game no longer freezes or crashes after completing the Reassemble Campaign.
  • In the Discordant Sound Raid during the Klaw fight with Zawavari, the platforms that appear when Klaw is down no longer leave invisible areas of collision.
  • In the Discordant Sound Raid in the first jungle area, enemies no longer spawn in rocks or stairs.
  • In the Discordant Sound Raid in the final indoor area the Vibranium Exposure debuff now fills the entire area so fliers cannot avoid it.
  • In the Discordant Sound Raid, the Command Crawler no longer stands completely still if it’s hit by Kamala’s hand while she’s holding on to another enemy.
  • In the Discordant Sound Raid, an extreme amount of Echo portals no longer appears on some occasions during the final Klaw fight.
  • In the Discordant Sound Raid, enemies after the door button area no longer get trapped, which previously prevented progress.
  • In the Discordant Sound Raid, fixed an issue where players couldn’t move if an Iron Man summons the Hulkbuster right as the elevator opens up to the Control Room.
  • In the Discordant Sound Raid in the door button area, if players use Emotes or Ranged Attacks, they buttons no longer deactivate.
  • [PS4/PS5] Mouths animate correctly in cutscenes after completing The Amazing Spider-Man Mission Chain.
  • [PS4/PS5] Fixed an issue where any Hero can complete Spider-Man’s Cosmic Threat Web Bomb Heroic objective.
  • In the Discordant Sound Raid in the Control Room area with Shuri, if all players are on the outer area with no way back in, they will now be properly teleported back in.
  • In the Discordant Sound Raid, players no longer spawn behind a wall after completing the Control Room if the host migrates during the loading screen.
  • Black spheres no longer appear when Iron Man has Muon or Missile Reverberation gear equipped.
  • The camera now follows Iron Man correctly when he uses a Takedown on a Hunter Crawler in Here Comes the Pain.
  • [PS4/PS5] Spider-Man can no longer wall crawl on invisible walls in specific maps.
  • [PS4/PS5] Spider-Man’s Underground Suit’s eyes now match the icon where it glows white instead of red.
  • [PS4/PS5] Sound effects are present when Spider-Man tries to pick up Mjolnir on the helicarrier.
  • [PS4/PS5] Spider-Man’s Mark IV Outfit no longer clips during idle animations.
  • [PS4/PS5] Spider-Man’s Wrestler Outfits’ hoodie no longer clips near the bottom.
  • The game no longer becomes unresponsive when dismissing the Gear Upgrade tutorial if the Shipments message is present.
  • [PS4/PS5] Various text improvements for Spider-Man’s Skills and Perks.
  • When Hunter Echoes are invisible, their rocket attacks are now visible.
  • Using Black Panther’s King’s Mercy in the underground area in Beating the Odds where you need to defeat 3 Prime Adept Synthoids no longer sends enemies through the door.
  • Comic bonuses related to armor lowered to prevent players from obtaining 100% armor, which negated all damage.
    • The tiers used to be 1.1% / 12% / 13% / 14% / 15%
    • They are now 1% / 2% / 3% / 4% / 5%
  • [PS4/PS5] When moving the camera horizontally during Spider-Man’s web launch ability, the screen no longer shakes upon landing.
  • [PS4/PS5] Spider-Man’s Hit the Sky Skill properly increases Melee Damage while airborne.
  • [PS4/PS5] When Spider-Man attaches to a wall to begin wall running, he no longer goes straight up and instead in the direction of the controller.
  • When upgrading gear, the correct amount of Upgrade Modules is now used up.
  • [PS4/PS5] With Spider-Man’s Balanced Reverberation Perk, Rapid Spin now properly deals Vibranium damage.
  • [PS4/PS5] With Spider-Man’s Balanced Scream Perk, Rapid Spin now properly deals Sonic damage.
  • [PS4/PS5] Spider-Man’s Wrecking Ball Overdrive Perk now properly grants the right amount of Wreckage regeneration.
  • In the Discordant Sound Raid, the sonic barrier does not show up in the first button section, halting progress. We are still in active investigation and thank you for all the reports we’ve received.
  • Various crash and hang issues during the Raid and OLT.
  • In the Discordant Sound Raid, the Command Crawler’s webs visually appear on Strike Team members even after they have broken out.
  • Buttons are sometimes inaccessible during the Raid.

Despite over a year of support, Marvel’s Avengers has not reached the acclaim Square Enix has been hoping for. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy despite not receiving the same level of marketing has been much more well-received and has a higher player count on Steam despite being a single-player linear adventure.

Marvel’s Avengers is now available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC.

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