Trying new things is an important part of everyday life. If you do not change things up, seeking new experiences out, you really won’t grow as a person. The same holds true in the world of video games. If you only play one thing, no matter how good it is or how much you enjoy it, the game will eventually wear thin. Be that by causing a loss of interest in your once loved hobby or just causing you to have a general burnt-out feeling.

These games are some of the ones I have been playing to help myself combat the lulls and occasional frustration I have with a game I love dearly, Apex Legends.

The Gunk (Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC)

If you are looking for a satisfying adventure in a condensed package, look no further than The Gunk. Rani and Beck are looking for their next big payday. They follow a faint signal to an unfamiliar planet and discover the titular gunk. The game takes off from there as the tensions rise between the two while they uncover a huge planet ending cover up. The game possesses fantastic graphics and seeing color return to previously gunked-up areas is breathtaking.

Fiona Nova does a fantastic job as the voice of Rani and I genuinely wish her and Beck’s dynamic was worked out more with another chapter. I genuinely hope the game gets a sequel and you can see why for just $24.99.

Super People (PC)

Super People is a battle royale game that brings superpowers/specialist style abilities to the gameplay style of PUBG. While it is currently free to play and in early access there’s still a great foundation here. Decent character customization, solid gunplay, an interesting map mechanic, and more bring a great experience to the table. The map is pretty massive but the cool thing is it is sectioned off each game. So one game might be dead center of the map and the next may pull clear to a corner of the map. It kept it fresh and interesting to not really see the same areas all the time.

I loved the attempt at bringing in different character abilities. Some of them are better than others for sure. I would much rather call in a tactical nuke than summon a car at will. It’s also random each match so, in theory, you won’t have the same abilities every game. You can spend an in-game currency to pick which one you want but it really isn’t worth it. There is a cool skill tree mechanic that you can level up each game to make your character stronger and your abilities work better. Each operative has a specific gun they get a buff with. There’s just so much here that with some refinement it can be a great battle royal. Be wary of friendly fire though.

Road 96 (PC, Switch)

Road 96 is one of those indie games that you’re either going to like or get annoyed with quickly. I see why people like it. It is very story-driven and has multiple endings. You need to play through it continuously to see everything for every character’s story. However, I don’t think the choices really work or mean anything. They didn’t make sense to me. Like why would trying to help someone result in me tripping after barely moving and how the hell does that lead to me being arrested again? In the same veins, why can’t I steal a car from the clearly unstable guy who thinks I am part of some organization I know nothing about. He left it running and is like 15 feet away. I have a clear opportunity.

While these things did bother me I can see why so many people like Road 96. When it works it works well. The story is a look at a reality we aren’t really all that far off from. There are great twists and turns and seeing all the stories interweave is pretty great at times. For twenty dollars you can do a lot worse than Road 96.

Pick of The Month: Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water (PlayStation 4/5, Switch, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC)

I love horror games so naturally when it was announced Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water was going to come to PC I was elated. Fatal Frame: Maiden of Blackwater deals heavily with themes of suicide and shows how these malicious ghosts on a mountain are drawing people in and leading them to very grim fates. So, if that is a subject matter that you aren’t sure you can deal with please be wary of that before purchasing.

You get to switch between two characters each looking for different people and answers on the mountain. It keeps the game from feeling stale as the perspectives switch in various chapters. Aside from that, it is pretty standard Fatal Frame gameplay. Take pictures to solve puzzles or defeat ghosts, the camera can be leveled up like usual and different film types deal more damage. It looks really good for being a port from the Wii U. I was legitimately surprised by it. Be aware that the pc version needs a controller plugged in to play well. I ran into a really choppy frame issue when I didn’t have one plugged in. Just wanted to throw that out there before you spend $40 dollars on this game.

Pick of The Month II: Guardians of The Galaxy (PlayStation 4/5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch (via cloud)

I’ll cut to the chase. This is the best version of these characters. If I had played Guardians of The Galaxy in 2021 it would have been my Game of The Year. This version sees the characters have been together for a few missions so they already have a natural chemistry between them. You can strengthen the bond of the team through dialogue options both in mission and on the ship. There’s also a nifty feature in mid combat where Starlord can rally the team and boost morale (damage buff) with a quick speech sequence.

The story is interesting for its’ runtime. To avoid most of the spoilers I’ll shorten it to, a galaxy-ending beast gets released and The Guardians have to stop it as well as a cult that gives off some serious Dead Space vibes. The combat is fast and enjoyable and The Guardians each bring something unique to the table. Rocket gets a power move that can shoot a ton of rockets from a mech, Drax smashes stuff with wrestling moves, Gamora slices and dices faster than a Magic Bullet, Groot heals the team and traps enemies. It all works really well together.

There is so much to gush over here. The soundtrack is immaculate, the characters and voice acting are perfect. I met so many characters I wasn’t familiar with and started to genuinely like them. Flat out some of these characters are now my favorite Marvel characters because of this game. It’s a full-price release but I highly recommend splurging on it if you can. I didn’t really run into any issues with the game. I was on an original Xbox One and the worst thing I saw was some brief stuttering at times.

Another GBG in the books. We had everything from light and breezy adventures to heavy and fulfilling space epics. I hope you found something you enjoy and want to try out. Let us know what you have been playing down below in the comments. Be good people.


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