Forgive Me Father is a dark twisted first-person horror title in early access. With the first update now available.

Full changelog:

New Features:

  • Two new levels – Forest and Corn Field.
  • New weapon – Thunderonomicon.
  • New weapon upgrade for the harpoon gun – Whale’s Bane.
  • Jolly Christmas decorations on all levels (and the save point guy dressed up for the occasion).
  • Players can now push enemies. This should make escaping easier when surrounded or cornered.
  • Ultra-wide screens support.
  • Grain options in Graphics settings.
  • Madness grayscale effect can now be disabled (or enabled even when low on Madness) in Gameplay options and when starting a new game.


Bug Fixes and General Tweaks

  • Rusty Vito – rebalanced recoil.
  • Noller G40 – slightly increased bullet damage.
  • Harpoon gun – now every projectile has a tracer.
  • Improved Upgrade Tree appearance: Added experience bar and character art.
  • Adjusted shotgun sounds.
  • Added Difficulty and Madness Effect descriptions when starting a new game.
  • FOV setting now allows values above 95.
  • Madness effect now makes blood stand out from the gray image.
  • Amount of Lite ammo received is now adjusted based on specific weapon upgrades.
  • Readjusted music volume in levels.
  • Amount of Madness received now scales depending on difficulty level with Hard and Expert difficulties giving less Madness overall.
  • Fixed music slider not affecting main menu music.
  • Fixed a couple out of bounds spots in certain maps.
  • Fixed bugs related to the input buffer.
  • Fixed the “P” keyboard button pausing the game.

Forgive Me Father is now available in early access on Steam.

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