Ash has finally made the jump from being a pilot to an Apex Legend! Initially she was found in the files very early into the games’ life, she was then  introduced in a Season 5 Quest. Players went on a journey to rebuild her, later she became the announcer of arenas mode in Season 9 after being fully rebuilt.

So how did her launch go? Surprisingly well actually. The servers were stable and for the most part her kit is right up to snuff with the meta legends that get picked frequently. She’s likely going to see a nerf to her passives though, more on that in a bit. Let’s take a look at her kit and go over some play strategies to get you up and running on Apex Legends newest murder bot.

I See You-  

Ash has two passive abilities that work together. She throws a data knife into death boxes and it reveals the location of their attackers, if they are still alive, via a ping. Her other ability shows the death box locations on her mini map and the map players can pull up in game. These are very useful for moving into or avoiding fights as needed. I feel like this is where she will get hit with a future nerf since it’s being abused in ranked quite a bit. I personally forget about it most of the time. The only instance I really use it is if we find death boxes randomly so we have an idea of where people are. That helps a lot considering how big Storm Point is.

The Void-

Ash’s tactical ability is her Arc Snare. She throws out an electric tether that damages the person it grabs. It only does ten damage, but it keeps that player trapped in a radius for a few seconds. It makes third partying or just ruining a team’s numbers very easy to do. There is a ton of potential with this. I’ve used it on certain buildings to keep players from leaving either at all or just pulling them from their team. I’ve used it to stop a Valkyrie from escaping, same with Pathfinder. My favorite play was throwing it from a roof and watching as a teammate destroyed a particularly annoying Octane.

Her Ultimate Ability is called Phase Breach, which is a very fast-use version of Wraith’s portal. The big downside to it is that it only works as a one way trip: it is also easy to mess up in a panic. You think you’re looking far enough away to make a full 65-meter escape and in reality you move like five feet because of a rock. It is important to be very mindful of that when trying to use it.

Despite that though it is still highly useful. Your team can use it if they are quick to follow you. Getting height or repositioning in the middle of a fight is exponentially easier. I’ve used it to teleport behind a team that was fighting us, then using that element of surprise to knock one or two people as my team moves in to help finish the fight. Much like Loba’s tactical bracelet the Phase Breach can go through windows and gaps. I can already see the potential for it on World’s Edge where Wattsons and Caustics are locking locations down. Teleport one or more people into the building and start a huge fight.


Ash works best when flanking someone as opposed to straight up engagements. That’s not to say she can’t be aggressively played, she does very well there as well. I feel in order to be successful with her you need to have a well rounded kit that doesn’t lean too heavily in either direction. You don’t want guns that are too close range oriented but you don’t want to run dual snipers with her.

I recommend running the CAR SMG since it works really well in a close quarters fight. It is the best gun for inventory management hands down due to relying on either light or heavy ammo. The same goes for the different magazines. If you want to run light ammo but a purple heavy mag, go for it. If you aren’t down for that the R-301 has long been a crutch in the Apex Legends community. It is still the easiest gun to control in terms of recoil. It allows you to beam at a distance and close up. The Flatline and Hemlock are still great substitutes to the R-301, both of which are still overlooked by a lot of players.

To get distance into the equation, the Triple Take is back with a vengeance this season. It slaps really hard and can knock most people in two or three shots. Not to mention it is a pretty reliable as a shotgun in close quarters. As another option I always recommend the wingman. A great wingman player is a scary thing because it can knock people in three bullets at full health and if you hit 9 perfect shots you can wipe a whole team. The odds of that are small but it is still worth mastering the weapon.

I know she gets compared a lot with Wraith and there is a huge debate as to who is better (it’s very situational and depends on preference). They work together very well though and make for a hyper aggressive combo. Wattson is a nice pairing with her, if not just for their interactions, they compliment each other despite playing very differently. As Ash portals in, Wattson can lock exits with her fences to keep people from escaping. Mix it up and see what works best for you or your squad.

I hope these tips can help you become an absolute menace in season 11 of Apex Legends. By the time this goes out, World’s Edge will be back in rotation and I can not wait to see how Ash does on a slightly smaller, more fast paced map. Not only that but the CAR SMG is going to be an absolute bastard in some locations. I’m super excited to see how it goes.

How are you liking the new season? What do you think of the new map? Let us know down below and look for our tip guide for Storm Point coming soon.

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