The Tails of Iron “Bloody Whiskers” DLC includes:

Tails of Iron has been a massive success and today players can download the new DLC Bloody Whiskers that adds more challenging fights.

Free to download on all platforms for players who already own Tails of Iron

  • Extended main story questline
  • Five new gruesome and dramatic boss fights
  • Five new outfits (includes the previously available Halloween outfit skins)
  • Five new weapon skins (includes the previously available Halloween weapon skins)
  • Two new beautiful rooms to explore, including the mysterious and previously locked King’s Chambers

Two new difficulty modes:

o   “Bloody Whiskers” – Hard Mode (not for the faint of whisker)

o   “Fairy Tail” – Easy mode (for players wanting to experience the story without peril)

Tails of Iron is now available for PC, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series, PS4, and PS5.

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