This is the hardest time of the year for gamers who are on a budget. New releases come out constantly between now and February, for those who are like me and can’t afford every new game or are worried about blowing money on a bad game it can be stressful. There’s a small bit of FOMO involved this time of year. For those of us who can’t afford new games at all or those who just want to get something on the cheap lists like this are great for helping us be frugal.

Let’s take a look at some games down below that are worth their weight in the money we made up as a society, that we let completely control and sometimes ruin our lives. Too dark? Alright, let’s get going and forget about that last part.

Horizon Zero Dawn (PlayStation 4, PC)

I would argue that Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the top three games on the PlayStation 4. It is such a wonderful ride from start to finish. It managed to completely pull me in like no game has in a while. I have nearly 4,000 hours in Apex Legends. It has been my jam for nearly three years and I was actively setting it down to come play Horizon Zero Dawn.

Aloy’s story starts off with her being this outcast for a tribe of people in a post-apocalyptic world. The tribe gets attacked by a group of cultists and sets forth a ton of events that are so much fun to experience. This world is wonderfully constructed and finding out hints and lore about what happened to bring humanity to this point stays interesting. That’s the best part of all of this, it’s very hard to recall a single moment where I even felt slightly bored with the game. The combat felt meaningful and the stealth felt weighted with importance.

Grab the complete edition of the game now for twenty dollars. It includes the awesome DLC The Frozen Wilds which adds about five to six hours onto the game for anyone interested.

Skatebird (PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S. Nintendo Switch)

Have you ever looked at SKATE or any Tony Hawk game and went “Damn, I wish I could play this as a bird”. That’s kind of Skatebird’s whole deal. You play as a little bird you can customize and either freeskate around or complete a full campaign. I love how the first level of the game takes place in the bird’s owner’s home. It was kind of cute seeing the little course all set up.

There is a ton to unlock in the game as well. You can dress up the bird with clothes you unlock in the game, you can unlock music to play. It’s a worthwhile twenty dollar game that you can also grab on Xbox Games Pass. I recommend learning the trick called Monch, it’s clearly the best trick in the game.

Batman: The Enemy Within (PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Mobile)

I’m not a huge fan of Batman. I do love the Arkham games and a few of the movies, but aside from that, I don’t read the comics or really seek him out as a hero. That being said, I found Batman: The Enemy Within pretty engaging.

The story takes really great turns and feeds into the narrative of the previous Telltale Batman game. The choices feel weighted and even fully thinking things through can lead to some horrible outcomes. For instance, there is a point where Bruce has to send another character away to look at something The Riddler gave Batman. It seems harmless and as Bruce deals with some federal agents that other character has a huge revelation that sends the rest of the first episode down an enthralling path.

Even something as small as trusting a certain character can cause ripples by the end of the first episode. While I personally don’t trust the leader of the Federal agents she definitely has bigger implications for the future of the game past episode one. I’m eager to see where the rest of it goes. If you want to check it out it runs about fifteen bucks which isn’t bad for a full series of episodes.

Pick of The Month: Back 4 Blood (PlayStation 4/5. PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S)

Back 4 Blood is a release that is worth full price. If it is the one full-price game you can afford for the next few months, pull the trigger on it. It has a ton of replayability thanks to the card system and the changes the game makes each time you play. It can be challenging at time, sometimes to the point of feeling like hitting a brick wall. For every instance of that though there is that trademark Turtle Rock cooperative gameplay they launched in the Left 4 Dead series.

The card system is great and offers a ton of bonuses that can really make a difference on each run. The guns are great to use and finding them with better attachments feels like getting a needed upgrade. Plus I just like using a Desert Eagle with a scope on it. It’s a baby sniper and I will love it incessantly. For the most part the new infected work really well and are all interesting and enjoyable to fight when the game decides to balance them properly.┬áTo see more on my full thoughts on the game, please check out the review we’re posting soon.

Whether you’re looking for something a little spooky, a huge adventure that you can sink hours into, or just want to skate as a bird this month had something for everyone. There’s still more to come in the next few months of releases. The Fatal Frame: Maiden of Blackwater release hits digital stores soon, for about thirty bucks. Not too bad for a slow burn haunt. The Guardians of the Galaxy game also releases before the end of October, which looks to be a worthwhile venture. That’s if you can swing something full-priced. Regardless try some of these out and let us know down below in the comments how you have been enjoying gaming while not breaking the bank.

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