Sonic Colors: Ultimate is now out and today SEGA released a new trailer showing off each world Sonic will run through to save the Wisps captured by Dr. Eggman.

The trailer highlights each world Sonic will run through to save the captured Wisps.

  • Tropical Resort – Explore Sonic’s home planet that is a lush and vibrant resort
  • Sweet Mountain – Travel through a dreamworld of delicious delectables and delights
  • Starlight Carnival – Tour the edges of space, accompanied by a dazzling armada
  • Planet Wisp – Explore the under construction environment that is wild with vegetation and danger
  • Aquarium Park – Swim and bathe amongst unknown creatures in this aquatic wonderland
  • Asteroid Coaster – Experience the weightlessness and euphoria of rushing through cosmos on an unpredictable space coaster

Sonic Colors Ultimate is now available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC.