It is rather fitting that my budget got super tight around this time last month and it took me a while to even find a game worth playing. Hence why we didn’t have a GBG last month. I spent most of that time finally getting my sister to play the Gears of War series. I’m glad to say after finally giving the games a chance she has enjoyed playing them together. While we are currently working through the third title together, I want to avoid having the repetition of talking about the Gears of War games here. It’s already noted how much I like them. The games down below were well worth the month spent on them, and in some cases, they didn’t cost anything at all.

Splitgate (PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC)

Splitgate has already had a very weird past. It started off being called Portal Wars, eventually, it changed to Splitgate: Arena Warfare. It had some decent success like that. I saw it all over conventions and it had a fair amount of players on both Twitch and Mixer at the time. Then it just kind of evaporated, sans its diehard fans.

Splitgate came back with a vengeance recently. It has a very avid fanbase that is well deserved. It blends the feeling of classic Halo and mixes in the portals from the game of the same name. It arguably does the whole Halo feeling better than any of the recent games from that series. It has the classic team swat modes where you better aim for that head. Sniper, shotties is my favorite mode. Basic team deathmatch and more allow for players to keep things fun. The servers have been growing and are more stable than they were before so try the top-tier multiplayer experience now, completely free.

Tormented Souls (PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, PC)

I was worried when I heard this game had tank controls. Even as an homage to early Resident Evil and Silent Hill games tank controls as well as fixed camera angles still usually put me off to games. While I just plain prefer games without those aspects Tormented Souls was a pleasant surprise. The dialogue is a little clunky at times but there is so much here to love.

The atmosphere is great, puzzles are smart, the enemies are creative, the combat and inventory management feels weighty and satisfying. Yes, I can shoot the enemy with my nail gun but it takes at minimum eight nails to kill an enemy. Should I risk the crowbar and potentially take extra damage? What if I have to use my last morphine to heal after then get a room with multiple enemies? It’s a wonderful exercise in survival horror.

The story breaks down as the main character going to an old hospital because of this picture she received in the mail. It had two young women on it and it snowballs into a story that feels like an alternate version of Fatal Frame 2. Characters mistake the main protagonist for this other person and it becomes more and more apparent that things revolving around the twins. Grab this fantastic game for as low as twenty dollars on Steam. I see prices a bit higher on the newer PS5 and Xbox Series X/S sitting at forty dollars.

Summer of 58 (PC)

I see the appeal of this game. A ghost hunter goes to an old building in Russia where there is a ghost girl at an abandoned camp. Things get spooky every once in a while, like a scene where what appears to be a camp counselor/teacher sets up a gas trap killing a bunch of people asleep in a room as well as the counselor. But those short scenes are often countered by jump scares with loud crescendos that I found distracting instead of scary.

It felt very predictable for me to turn around a corner and see something standing in the corner just to get close and have a car crash of loud noises in my ears. For the missteps, I felt the game had I think it still does the one area horror story okay. Moving between the areas within the singular cabin looking for what we need to progress is a solid enough way to keep players interested. There are some great moments with creepy toys.

I can compare the popularity of this to Paranormal Activity. It works for some people, not of others. I strongly suggest playing it if that is your style of game. It is only nine dollars and goes on sale for about six dollars.

Pick of the Month: Boyfriend Dungeon (Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, PC)

Boyfriend Dungeon has been a game that I have looked forward to for two years. The gameplay is a super satisfying mix of dating sim, and dungeon crawler. Some humans can turn into weapons, other humans can handle those weapons to fight manifestations of their own fears. All with consent of course. Inclusion and consent are two huge aspects of the game that I am glad to see. There is even a warning at the beginning of the game to tell players about the creepy, horrible to deal with stalker character that has to be dealt with in the game. You can even choose to skip the entire aspect of the game involving the main character’s mom.

I’ve been pining after Valeria and it is super satisfying to see how the main character I am playing and her interact both in and out of combat. I’ve always had a thing for people like her. Slightly mysterious, loves art/books, might kill me or rob me in my sleep but is actually a huge romantic when you break that barrier. The best kind of people. You can meet her and so many other intriguing characters on Xbox Games Pass for free or for just twenty dollars.


Halloween is right around the corner so this list is great for people looking for something to play around with then. If that isn’t your thing check out Splitgate, there is even more on the horizon for that game. Let us know what games you have been playing the past month, maybe we’ll include some of them on a future GBG.

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