God of War Ragnarok is one of Sony’s most anticipated games and today we finally got a gameplay trailer. Showing off what players can expect from the finale of the Norse Saga.

The trailer provides actual gameplay and confirms that Freya and Thor will be the primary antagonists. Seeing Kratos and Atreus killed their children this is expected as Freya went to regain her warrior spirit and Thor was seen at the end of God of War’s true ending.

The trailer also shows that the landscape has changed since Fimbulwinter. Kratos will use a sled to get around the now frozen land and Atreus is older.

Sony did reveal some more information including all 9 realms will be available in this game. In addition, Tyr is alive, the little girl at the end of the trailer is the last of the giants, and Atreus heritage will be explored here.

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