Fighting games require a great deal of tactical understanding to anticipate your opponent and counter efficiently. With Die by the Blade offering the same intense combat but where 1 hit means death.

Mixing unmerciful and calculated combat players will dawn 1 of 7 fighters each with unique weapons. The 1v1 combat will focus not only on precision strikes but blocking and mobility as 1 mistake means death.

Features of Die by the Blade:

One-hit-kill – All it takes is one slice in tense, one-hit-kill based combat

Choose your playstyle – A diverse array of weapons with different movesets

Multiplayer showdowns – Take the battle online with ranked online modes

Customisation – Tailor your characters style to the way you see fit

Brutal encounters – Dismember your opponents with brutal precision

Welcome to “Samurai Punk” – Unique artstyle which merges a cyberpunk aesthetic with japanese-inspired themes.

Fans can wishlist the Die by the Blade on Steam now.

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