Dead Space Remake has had a lot of fans worried and hopeful. A return for one of the best horror franchises of all time and the game that started it all. Today new Alpha footage was shown along with a confirmation of pending questions.

First off, Isaac will be voiced as Gunner Wright reprise his role as the engineer. EA Motive made it clear that his voice is limited and will only talk in very specific situations to ensure the original game’s tone remains untouched.

Speaking of the original game, Motive is taking the existing assets of the original and updating them. Adding better textures and changing certain things to complement Dead Space 2 and Dead Space 3’s improvements. This includes better zero gravity control from Dead Space 2 and the kinesis throwing. Some areas will be outfitted with new vertical areas players can explore thanks to the modern Zero-G movement system.

Combat was shown off a little. Isaac was shown using the Pulse Rifle and Plasma Cutter against a slasher. This time muscle and tissue will fall off the Necromorph as Isaac attacks, with exposed bone being weak points for easier cutting. The developers highlighted how they’re modeling the Necromorphs with body-specific targeting so where you shoot will expose more bone, with body parts able to remain attached but unworking if Isaac doesn’t cut it fully.

As for microtransactions, there are none. So the nightmares of Dead Space 3 won’t repeat themselves here.

Dead Space Remake is in development with no release date.

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