After multiple unconfirmed rumors, EA has confirmed that Dead Space Remake is in development.

A short teaser was shown off during EA Play that gives up a glimpse at Issac and the inside of the Ishimura and that it’s being worked on by EA Motive. No release date or gameplay was shown.

Many are excited for the revival of Dead Space but we can’t forget that EA is the one who killed the franchise. Dead Space 2 was poorly marketed and despite the game selling well, it didn’t meet EA’s standards, which is notoriously and often unrealistically high.

Dead Space 3’s development was full of problems due to EA’s meddling, forcing single-play microtransactions, and giving the now closed Visceral Games unsettlingly high sales requirements. Basically, Dead Space 3 was set up to fail which resulted in Dead Space 4’s cancelation, the franchise is left unfinished, and eventually Visceral Games’ closure.

This leads to a huge problem ethically. EA is looking to revive the franchise but is also the company killed it. If the remake does not perform well it’s likely the franchise will remain unfinished. Support the company that destroyed one of the most acclaimed survival-horror IPs of all time or don’t and let the franchise die, talk about a difficult situation.


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