Paladins, from studio Evil Mojo, announced an Event Pass of epic proportions at Summer Game Fest. Characters from Rooster Teeth’s animated series gen:LOCK are joining the fight!

This crossover isn’t the first for a Rooster Teeth animated series as Smite played host to a RWBY event in November of 2019.

gen:LOCK is set in a future where international coalition The Polity fights a hostile force called The Union. The show follows members of gen:Lock, who take part in an experimental program to have their minds uploaded to giant mechs called Holons. The voice cast includes stars like Michael B. Jordan, Maisie Williams, and Dakota Fanning, among others. (You can watch the show on HBO Max.)

Paladins players will see the likes of Chase Viktor, Yasamin Lex, Cammie Maeve, Kazu Zhin, and Valentina Kinessa when the Event Pass goes live next month!

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