Apex Legends has received several major updates since its release and added eight characters in that time span.  When the game launched it contained a minimal number of achievements. It only clocked in at twelve in total. The game in its’ post-launch phase has received many needed quality of life changes that have improved the game for the better. The one thing that has never seen an update though is the game’s achievement list.

The same twelve have long been completed by most of the players who pick the game up for more than three hours a day. While the game itself and Battle Pass are always enjoyable to complete achievements do give the game something else to aim for and do in-between bigger updates. Here are some ideas for achievements that could be added to the game to spice things up.

Legend Based Achievements:

The base game requires that you win a game with each character type, i.e. support, defense, offense, recon; but outside of that, there is so much room for possible achievements. These achievements could be based on legend abilities used a certain number of times. Preferably though they would have a little more thought to them.

Take Wraith, for instance, her ability to place a portal for movement either into or out of a fight could be used in a plethora of ways for achievements. You could have one pop for an entire team using it. You could have one that involves using Wraith’s portal to kidnap an enemy player. This would involve them having entered the portal within a few seconds of it opening. You could just melee them into it as a requirement to make it not as time-based.

Valkyrie has a few different achievements that could be attached to using her. Her jets are used to relocate by relaunching up to a full team into the sky. There could be an achievement for scanning two full teams as you redeploy. There could be one attached to her cluster missile for hitting or even killing a certain amount of people with it.

I couldn’t make an article like this without talking about my favorite legends Mirage. With his buffs having an enemy shoot four or more decoys with a single ultimate use would be a great achievement. Since he is nearly completely invisible when he revives people having ‘X’ amount of revives could be a simple achievement to add. They could even have it be to just revive both members of a team in a match.

Action/Weapon Based:

An heirloom kill or rather a set of kills would be a simple but effective achievement. Not only does it promote more apex pack sales for Respawn but it also rewards players who have one with a sort of quest to do with them. I love having Lifeline’s Shock Sticks and made it a personal goal to get 100 kills with them. That may seem a little excessive to some people but having a goal like that as an achievement would be fun and rewarding to long-term players or even casuals.

Our brain loves the dopamine rush that comes from completing tasks or feeling like we gained footing in an objective and this is a great way to hit that receptor and keep people going. Foundations like that are why Apex Legends is as popular as it has grown to be. There is a very satisfying game loop that rewards players in a ton of ways. opinions

Collateral damage is always satisfying with sniper rifles. Hitting more than one target for successful kills is always a great bonus for a decent sniper. Apex Legends features one of the most powerful sniper rifles to ever be in a video game, the Kraber. I have only hit a collateral shot with this once but there are clips and montages of it all over the internet. It makes sense then to have an achievement in the game to get that sweet double or possibly triple kill/knock with this beast of a gun.

Kill Badge Based:

The kill badges are reward enough, I am still working on cracking the 20 kill badge (my highest is 13). The added bonus of it being an achievement would be a fantastic additional reason to chase it in-game. As it sits now it is, or rather was until cheaters became even more of an issue, it is a status symbol among skilled players. Alongside it, the long-sought 4k damage badge would be a rewarding achievement for those that actually put the effort in without cheating.

Odds and Ends:

There are a bunch of miscellaneous things that could be listed as potential achievements. Take for instance the Trident. There could be one for driving it a certain amount of distance. Better than that there could be one that digs into a mechanic with the Trident. If it goes off the edge of the map and you stay in it, the vehicle explodes. This explosion sends the players back up into the air and allows them to get back onto the map. Doing this would be a fun and creative achievement to include in the games list.

Apex has so many hidden Easter eggs in the game that it is a shame that they aren’t somehow included in the achievement list. In the firing range alone there are several hidden families of Nessie’s a hidden stuffed corgi (an homage to one of the devs dogs that died during development). Nessie’s are also scattered around every BR map in the game. Finding a set amount of them would make a great achievement, you could even make it to where there are a set of three achievements. One tying to each of the three maps requires the player to find each one.

Apex Legends is a fantastic game. It has its ups and downs but it does so much more right than it is regularly given credit for. I have nearly four thousand hours in the game and I rarely feel like playing anything else because even at its worst days it is still the best Battle Royale game in the market. The team has some great things coming in the seasons that are ahead. I can’t wait to see where the lore and settings take us next.

Down below let us know what achievements you would add to the game and if you are excited for the Revenant Heirloom coming in the next event.


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