As we slowly start to exit the pandemic that has ruled over the world for over a year, many of us still face financial distress. Between the incredibly inconsistent relief funds, budget cuts at businesses and the simple struggle in the post lockdown to actually get a callback, money is incredibly tight. If you’re looking for a way to stab off the impending anxiety or feeling of doom that comes with job hunting, we have some great games that won’t break your budget or waste your time.

Iron Snout (PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC)

Iron Snout isn’t a game you’ll need to play for more than an hour at a time. It takes about fifty minutes to get every single achievement/trophy but it is worth it to keep the game around. Iron Snout has a surprisingly enjoyable game loop. You are a pig that is a master of martial arts, fight the endless waves of attacking wolves while dodging their incoming attacks.

This game cost five dollars on every platform except Steam, where it exists for free. It is worth that price if you’re looking to kill an hour for achievements. While it is a great time killer I personally didn’t see the point in seeking to unlock everything in the game after getting every achievement.

Watch Dogs 2 (PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox One, Stadia)

Watch Dogs 2 is a surprisingly competent sequel to the mixed bag that was the original. The core plot involves taking on a huge company that is intruding on everyone’s right to privacy under the fa├žade of protection. My only real dig at this game is there is too many elongated hacking sequences. I didn’t mind some of them because they made sense. The huge vault would likely need to be hacked in that manner, or the giant server room, both make sense to need elaborate hacking sections but it did get very annoying at various points.

I loved the comradery between the group and the added tension when a character from the original game shows up. I kind of wished the segment where you switch between the group gets to happen more often. Imaging hacking into the Nudle building with Wrench also present and playable with Marcus. It would have offered a little more to the game to show things happening from the other character’s perspective outside of the final act.

Watch Dogs 2 is still a fantastic game and can be grabbed for about, twenty dollars. It goes on sale regularly and has been given away for free on several platforms.

Warhammer: End Times:- Vermentide 1 or 2 ( PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC)

If you want a game to scratch that Left 4 Dead 2 itch the Warhammer: End Times series is a great place to look. The frantic and story-driven game is fun whether solo or with friends. Each character brings unique abilities and like the Witch Hunter, who has extra guns that are way more fun for me than the melee heavy combat of some of the other classes. The Waywatcher is also another really enjoyable class that focuses on the use of a bow!

The enemies are also really great. Rat men are the general horde-like enemies that swarm the players. There are several variants of them that will break in sporadically like the special infected from Left 4 Dead. The Ogre is a huge beast that takes a lot of damage and will send people flying sometimes off the map depending on the fight. Rattling Gunners pump out a ton of damage but can be easily dispatched. I forget the name of this one but like the smoker from Left 4 Dead they will grab teammates and pull them away.

The game will run you about thirty dollars but it is worth it for the sheer entertainment it brings. It also thankfully goes on sale for about eight dollars on a pretty regular basis.

Murderhouse (PC)-

Murderhouse is a Puppet Combo game where a guy in a bunny costume hunts people down and murders them. It is an homage to the classic horror games that were on the original PlayStation. It starts off with the bunny hunting a kid who gets locked in a mall as the kid tries to get away but after a brief cameo from Jacksepticeye gets cornered and killed.

The game then cuts to an intern at a low-budget news station. Her scumbag boss treats everyone like dirt and makes sexual comments about both women involved. They’re at a rundown house where a murderer used to live. After having to break into it because the real estate agent that was supposed to meet them there supposedly no shows things slowly start to go awry. It’s a pretty great game despite its’ sometimes harsh sound effects. Grab it now for about twelve dollars.

Pick of The Month: Resident Evil 8 Village (PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Stadia, PC)

Resident Evil 8 Village is the most split I have been on a game in a long time. Everyone around me seems to be having way more fun with the game. While it isn’t bad overall, the combat is still tight like it was in RE 7. The locations bring the best from both Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 7. It has such a perfect blend of gothic horror and constructional aesthetic.

Despite that though it still feels off to me. The dialogue and Ethan’s reactions to things at times were legitimately frustrating. When he wasn’t overselling it and seeming legitimately stupid compared to Resident Evil 7 he was having an illogical reaction. Case in point near the beginning of the game Heisenberg (who alone is annoying) says he is going to put on a show and begins counting as Lycan fill the room. Moving down from 10 as they all get menacingly closer to Ethan, Ethan just stands there? He nervously moves to a hole in the ground and looks back at the Louis Sera steampunk wannabe and finally jumps in at one. WHY?! Sorry but if Magneto and Van Hellsing’s illogical spawn is counting down menacingly at you, just run. No need to look back, get as far away as you can.

I did have an issue with the only two sets of interesting characters hardly getting the attention they deserved. One of them made up the only legitimately terrifying portion of the whole game and it lasts maybe twenty minutes. That being said the intrigue behind Rose and why Chris is doing ‘Chris things’ is enough for me to see the journey to the end. Not to mention the merchant does manage to boost the game in a positive way. The game is locked at full price right now but with a run time of around ten hours it makes it a little more worth it. Especially when you factor in the Mercenaries mode and the multiplayer mode in RE:Verse coming soon.

There you have it some great games that won’t ruin a well-thought-out budget. If you’re like me and struggling right now for whatever reason, I hope these offer you at least a momentary reprieve from the tribulations of life. As always let us know down below what you have been playing lately and what games you would recommend to others who game on a budget.