The fact that a studio of around twenty people made a game that looks as stellar as Biomutant is spectacular. While there are some problems with the game I can’t help but think we have another case of Days Gone. What I mean is the people that actually sit down and play it genuinely like it and would recommend it. Be that as it may it seems to be in this weird reviews middle ground where it barely gets above the half way point on most scales.

There is already a huge patch coming to the game that plans to address a lot of the bigger issues that have been talked about. It plans to address things like the weird color variants that happen even when turning down a lot of the settings. What I’m directly referring to is the issues with how lighting makes the color in the game look. It constantly looks like an odd Instagram filter is on the game and it can be a little distracting when noticed. That being said there is so much more to this title, let’s take a look at it.


The story of Biomutant, while clumsy at times, is charming and engaging. Your mission is to either unite the lands to help the Tree of Life or to invoke chaos and let the universe try to work itself out as the world eaters encroach towards the Tree of Life.  Each decision you make builds into the Karma meter which influences the world around you.

There is also this sort of subplot revolving around the main character’s origins. You get to see the early days of their original training with their Mooma who was the leader of the main character’s small village. She trains our young hero but it is cut short by the invasion of an enemy from your Mooma’s past. This massive beast destroys your village, and several more story elements are shown. It sort of starts to unlock memories in your character (because of course, they can’t remember who they are). It kind of also helps with character introductions since several characters will recognize you when they talk to you but you obviously won’t since you have some sort of amnesia about your past.

It’s all set in this post-apocalyptic world that cleverly talks about real-world issues we are facing in our ecosystems. I loved how the game knows that we know what an elevator is but since the characters are mutants living in the remnants of our broken world they do not. So they refer to it as the Up and Down since they don’t have the world elevator.


The combat is a double-sided sword. On one edge it is pretty fast-paced and frantic allowing for various play styles and preferences to collide into something pretty enjoyable. On the dull side of it switching between enemies and locking on can be rather annoying. The game seems to just lock onto the biggest or most dangerous enemy first in every single fight. Getting it to change between enemies involves moving the right stick but it always seemed to go back to the biggest enemy. It was really annoying to feel like I was fighting against the controls at times.

BUT Biomutant has ways to combat this. There is a powerup you can get that makes enemies fight for you. It helps a lot when it auto-locks onto the biggest creature and you hit them with that so they decimate the smaller enemies alongside you. Outside of that nuisance, the combat is fast, frantic, and most importantly fun. The combos you can hit feel satisfying and integrating elemental attacks as well as ranged shots from guns or just delivering a huge takedown works great. The text that pops up in a comic book fashion is a welcome addition and adds a little charm to the game.


Crafting in Biomutant improves your gear as it does in pretty much any other game. You can swap out handles for blades or guns as long as they are compatible. You can also add to your armor and make it stronger and worth keeping around for longer sets of time. I tend to not sink as much into this in games as I would just exploring and finding better equipment, but that is just preference-based. I found myself adding to the armor only when I hated whatever armor I had found.

For instance, I found this shirt that had a high collar that I thought looked kind of dumb so I just boosted the much better-looking starter armor and kept that around. I think that’s the best way to play this kind of game. Invest in your favorite armor and just keep making it better. Especially since this game played so heavy-handed into making this “mutant” you play as completely yours and unique.

Let’s Get Weird

So let’s get into more of the negative. Something that really bothered me was the blurred background when the main character talks to any character. It’s something that was likely implemented to save resources but I found it highly distracting.

I absolutely loathe when games don’t do full audio for characters and just give them gibberish noises to indicate talking. It pulls me out of the game completely. It is even more annoying in Biomutant since they have a narrator that talks constantly and reads every single bit of dialogue (as you stand there silently and never speak) as if he is some sort of translator. Thankfully you can turn both the gibberish and the narrator down so they almost never appear. In terms of the gibberish though I don’t think it helps solve the issue. Just have them speak. The argument could be made that since they are just mammals mutated by the pollutions of our world how would they speak English. To which I counter, then why the hell does the narrator and the two entities for the Karma meter speak English?

I also found some spots where I could hide inside of objects in the world, or use them to glitch out. It wasn’t anything game-shattering, it was more my own curiosity as I have a fascination with getting out of games and breaking them.

Be The Creature

The customization in Biomutant is nice and changes your character with each level up and exposure to different environments. I just wish it worked a little differently. I understand that mutant framework changes for attributes, great, fine, makes sense. I wanted my character to look a certain way. I wanted to take the starter head for my class and make it a little more cat-like. I wanted the feline feel of the box art cat-style mutant but to make it grey and make it more of my dead eye classed character. Instead, the start option felt like more of a settling point since I really didn’t like how the character looked but it was more of my play style. Moving the thumbstick through the available spectrum simply couldn’t find a happy middle ground.

During the game itself though I really did like the customization available. I am obsessed with finding this particularly cute hat and even as I bounce around in bubbles that look like snot, or I teleport while shooting a mist that controls enemies. As my character continues to grow and change they have grown on me overall. I still wish there was a bit more freedom with the original character design.

To Sum it up

I can’t help but think that if this game had come out in the Xbox 360 era or even earlier it would 100% be treated differently. In a time before games like Nier: Automata, I feel like it would have been regarded as one of the best adventure games or RPGs of the time. At the very least it would be regarded of the same volition of games like Dark Cloud and maybe even The Witcher 2.

I’m sure in time, much like with Days Gone, Biomutant will get its due love. It is a fantastic adventure that is worth playing. The world feels alive, traveling in the game feels worth it, the combat is almost, so close, to perfect, it is a shame that some will simply blow this game off because of reviews. Experiment 101 cared about this project and it was clearly a labor of love, go give it a shot. Games don’t have to be perfect to be worth playing.

Biomutant Review
The Good
  • Beautiful to look at
  • Creative
  • Genuinely a joy to play
The Bad
  • Weird blur during conversations
  • annoying narrator and gibberish
  • really long tutorial
7.5Overall Score
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