Arena’s is a great concept for Apex Legends. Two teams of three in a single location map fight to be the first team to win with a three match lead, being ahead of the other team by at least two points. There is an economy system as well. Players start with a set limit and if someone grabs a credits point on the map it gives two hundred points to each member of the team. Winning rounds and kills add to the amount you have when shopping in between rounds.

You can use the points to upgrade weapons and choose new ones in between each round. Character abilities also have to be bought which in the case of characters like Rampart is very important as wall use is limited and does not come back. You have to buy everything, every single round. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you get a leg up against your enemies in The Arena.

Legends Are Made

There are certain legends that absolutely rule in Arena mode. Bloodhound is usually the first pick due to them being able to scan and see everyone nearby. Octane is great for rushing in and dealing damage. Lifeline is useful for reviving now that her shield doesn’t give away a revive immediately, she can also drop in much-needed resupplies.

Outside of that Rampart actually does really well in this mode. Her walls add much-needed cover and can give you the opportunity to peck away damage at a distance. Case in point on the Party Crasher map I dropped over 2,000 damage for nine kills as her by simply rotating away from the ship and getting an angle on the team and wiped the squad by myself two straight matches with the Wingman. This brings me to my next talking point.


As with Ranked mode you need to run weapons you are very comfortable with. The R-301 is great for later matches as it has very consistent recoil and is easy to control. At the beginning I recommend grabbing a Wingman and taking one of the free weapons as a backup. Hit your shots with the Wingman for incredibly easy kills early on. That is not to say you can’t grab a PK and just smash a team immediately, I just prefer the Wingman because I hit more consistently with it.

The bow is great for later game fights as it smacks for about 60 damage to the body and over 100 to the head. As I stated before the R-301 is great and the Flatline is a spectacular substitute for it. I recommend in later rounds buy extra ability uses it can really change the tide of a fight. It’s kind of obvious but in later rounds make sure to buy grenades and heals/shields. Throw in the Alternator too, it has superior hip fire and damage per clip.


The early strategy is to get as quickly as you can to the crafting credits on the map, and at least one of the boxes to open for healing. The first round isn’t important in winning so this round should have that as a focus. You can absolutely do both then win the round but it isn’t necessary.

The second round is where you should focus on wiping the other team as quickly as you can since you will be financially better off than the other team. A crafting credit spot can be grabbed again but it isn’t necessarily needed, it is great to pad for later rounds though. When the later rounds happen is when you want to get your best weapons and use your abilities as savagely as you can.

If you can pull this off the last few rounds should be an easy sweep as your enemy won’t be as padded money-wise as you are and will have to rely on whatever the game gives them to try to compete. Play smart and don’t rush just because you can, hit your shots, and move when at least one person is knocked. This is also a great spot to toss in a grenade at the person downed. It will likely either finish the downed person or damage someone trying to revive.

Remember to use the map to your advantage. The back of Part Crashers has the most cover to abuse before the ring closes towards the ship. Artillery has walls and high ledges to keep height on you enemy for longer amounts of time and make fighting more favorable to you. Use the Phase Runner to move quickly or displace the enemy as you flank behind them. Avoid being caught out in the open on this map as it is the biggest of the three maps.

That is a very quick rundown of the Arena mode in Apex Legends. The meta for this mode will change and grow as people get accustomed to it. Even though I am not a huge fan of the mode since it doesn’t update your banners at all for kills and things of that nature, I am still very excited to see where this new mode takes Apex Legends. Let us know down below what tips you have for Arena’s mode and tell us your general thoughts on it now that we are two weeks or so into the new season.

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