Days Gone was a fickle title. Many expected greatness from the IP considering Sony’s reputation with their recent exclusive releases. The game launched with major technical issues and has a lot of tedious gameplay. Regardless many did find Days Gone’s narrative, Freaker virus, and characters to be excellent. However, rumors have surfaced that Sony rejected the pitch for a sequel with more information about it coming from the former director David Ross.

When speaking to God of War creator David Jeffee Ross shared information about the title. Stating it would’ve included cooperative play and base building mechanics, building on the systems from the original. Those who played the original will remember that Deacon often teamed up with allies and cooperative play was meant to be part of the game but due to limitations they decided against it. Base building was another feature touched on with each community having their own system and Deacon aiding them by completing missions.

Ross did not confirm or deny the sequel’s pitch being rejected but considering how he left Bend Studio it does seem that way.

Days Gone did re-release on the PS5 with performance enhancements and is now being offered for free through PS Plus. So if the IP does perform well perhaps we’ll get a sequel but for now, it looks like the IP has been put on ice. Perhaps they should release on PC as Horizon Zero Dawn’s reception was well-received on PC. However, Aloy has a new adventure coming soon, and exposing the IP to a wider audience will likely translate to sales for the new game whereas Deacon does not have anything planned.

Days Gone is now available for PS4 and PS5.

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