With April being the month that I spawned into this world I usually make Games For Budget Gamers about my favorite games (most of which run pretty cheap nowadays). This month I figured I would skip that and talk about the games that have brought me the most joy to finish or pick up for the first time. Some of them are on Xbox Games Pass. Not an ad but I think it is genuinely one of the most consumer-friendly deals on the market.

Others I happened to get through recommendations and with gift cards. Seriously quests with Xbox Games Pass can be turned in for rewards. I had a little over 12,000 points saved and was able to get about twelve dollars in gift cards added to my account. The games I bought with it should scratch that itch for completionists out there.

Himno (Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS Vita, Xbox One)

Himno on the surface seems very similar to Dead Cells aesthetically. Not only that but the gameplay is very similar to it as well. A 2D platformer with a procedurally generated map. Unlike its counterpart Himno actually features no violence, the player can’t even really “die”. Sure you can plummet from the top of the area and land in the water but you just wake up and start the adventure again.  Climbing and wall bouncing to light up new areas is a great way to destress. Not only that but the PC version is completely free to play. The other versions, however, will cost you five dollars. It’s an easy-going game that takes less than an hour to get all the achievements. It only took me about half an hour.

Deep Space Rush (Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS Vita, Xbox One)

Deep Space Rush is a Metroidvania-style game that also takes less than an hour to complete, it took about fifteen minutes. The game itself has an adequate loop. Run to the opposite side of the screen and kill enemies, getting as far as you can. The upgrades you can buy with an in-game currency stack, so regardless of how many times you die you can eventually level up everything you need for a 100% run. The game runs about five dollars regardless of the platform you choose to play on. I didn’t find it nearly as enjoyable as Himno but I still recommend it, especially if you want the gamerscore boost.

In Silence (PC)

In Silence is a cooperative horror game that allows players to play as both the horrible monster and a survivor. As a survivor, you get randomized perks every round and are tasked with either rebuilding the car to escape, or unlock the armory and kill the monster. Unlocking the armory involves finding the answer to the door puzzle. Four shapes are scattered around the map in various locations and must be put in the door correctly to unlock it. While there are some minor bugs to the game but for ten bucks you could do a lot worse.

Fall Guys (Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S)

While it isn’t out just yet (releasing summer time) on the Xbox platforms, Fall Guys came out at almost the perfect time back when lock-up first started. It’s a simple game overall, be the last jelly bean looking person standing in the various game modes. Forty to sixty players start and compete in modes ranging from challenging races and platforming to stealing eggs from other teams and keeping a tail from the other players.

There are so many modes outside of that as well and the developers are constantly adding new things. It usually takes about thirty seconds to find a match with the longest time being about a minute. The game goes on sale regularly but runs twenty dollars full price.

Pick of the Month: Outriders (PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S)

Outriders is one of the best games on Xbox Games Pass. You can play the whole game free as a member of the service as opposed to spending sixty bucks on the game. I highly recommend buying it though. As one of the first people to leave Earth and land on an alien planet, things quickly go bad and the player is cryogenically frozen to avoid succumbing to injury. Decades later you away to a situation almost as bad as the one left behind on Earth. The world around you is in tatters and a warlord makes you run through a minefield. Soon you unlock your powers and pick your skill tree and that is when the game truly takes off.

It is way easier to grind for loot and level up what you have to make it to the end game. I unlocked a blue level magnum mid-game and ended up keeping it the entire time. I leveled it up constantly and soon it was doing at or better damage than the exotics I had found, at least until I leveled those up. The gear was great to unlock and add perks too. It helped my trickster stack healing effects really well and towards the end of the game, I rarely died. It felt awesome like I really was a hero in a decaying world. Then the major downfall of the game hit. The end boss.

The journey there is fantastical and well written, it almost has a Mass Effect feel to it. Then the final boss hits. He is an absolute bullet sponge that barely takes damage from any weaponry. Worse yet my abilities were basically useless on him. I had stacked the slow bubble to give me a full shield and affect a larger area for more time. It was only a few seconds on him for some reason. My slash attack would vaporize enemies and either kill them and give me their health or severely hurt them. It was like throwing thumbtacks at the guy. I’m all for a challenging and rewarding fight but adding more health to a boss doesn’t do that. We had fought earlier in the game and he was a cakewalk. Why so difficult now? Why was this dude even still around?

It was a detraction for sure but it really didn’t soil the overall experience. I can’t wait to see what they bring out for the game next.

There are a ton of great games laden for the rest of the year. Biomutant releases next month, as does Resident Evil 8. The Skyward Sword remake releases this summer. What are you excited for? What cheap games are you playing below to fill the gaps in time between major releases? Let us know down below in the comments.

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