We are a little over two weeks from wrapping up the current season in Apex Legends. In the coming days we will start to see more and more information on what is to come from what could be a huge turning point for Apex Legends. When Apex Legends added Steam as a way to play issues that were already a huge problem for several seasons were made even worse. Things like audio bugs, hacking, people being wastes of oxygen and still thinking it’s okay to have offensive names and be total scum in game.

We’ll explore more about that later in the article, but for now let’s jump into some theories and predictions for what to expect in Season 9. I am in no way attached to Respawn Entertainment. I have no insider information. I am just a die hard fan of the game that has an optimistic look towards the future of the game.

Mirage Edition

Every season or so a new special edition of the game launches. This season we had the Gibralter edition of the game which came with a skin for Gibby, 1,000 Apex Coins, and even a weapon skin for the Devotion as well as a few other in game cosmetics.

This time around, at least according to data mining back when the Chinatown Market event was still on track, evidence was shown that the next release was going to be for Mirage. The skin was leaked showing Mirage with a great looking Cyber Cowboy style skin.

No official word has been said by Respawn Entertainment at this point but if it is that far along we may see it soon.

Return to World’s Edge

Fans have notably voiced their disdain for being stuck on King’s Canyon over the past few weeks. It’s an okay map to run for casual modes but when it comes to being in ranked mode it is far inferior to both maps.

It is still the smallest map, even after Fuse launched and added more of a playable area behind where slums used to be. Third parties are the worst on this map. With how small it is almost everyone on the map can hear any gunfight and get over to it relatively quick, during most circumstances.

According to the current quest that can be found in the firing range (starting April 16th). Once you see the arena mode teaser where Ash is once again shown, the message appears to be playing inside Bloodhound’s town take over in Worlds Edge, albeit a smaller version than we know. While I haven’t seen the full video yet for the teaser or finished the quest that requires key cards and finding holotags on both current maps, I am excited for the best map in Apex Legends to return.

Arena Mode

Arena Mode has been talked about for a while now. It is a 3v3 playlist that looks to help expand the player pool and the player retention of Apex Legends. Since launching on Steam Apex Legends has managed to keep an astoundingly high player count despite reoccurring issues.

Respawn has plans to make Apex Legends more than just a BR game and Arena Mode looks like the earliest attempts at that.

One of the possible modes for this Arena Mode is a 3v3 deathmatch style game mode where both teams fight in smaller locations from established maps (possibly completely new areas as well) with a limited number of lives in a shared pool. It was speculated that it would allow players to customize loadout, but since Respawn has had similar modes in the past with just rotating loadouts, that seems more likely.

It is currently unknown if the mode will launch at the beginning of Season 9 or if it will launch at the half way point in the season when the ranked split happens.

New Character Won’t Be Ash or Blisk

Ash and Blisk’s files were almost immediately found in Apex Legends files when the game launched. With the developers promising “more of Titanfall, showing up in Apex Legends” this season it would be safe to speculate their appearance, right?

Sort of, Ash is looking like she will be the announcer for the early run of Arena Mode according to the upcoming quest in the firing range.

Blisk on the other hand has even crazier rumors, some of which involve Horizon somehow pulling a younger version of Blisk into the game via trying to time travel back home to her son. Then the current old Blisk would toss the young Blisk into the game to keep him from killing the current old Blisk. If you got confused during that don’t worry I did too.

I wouldn’t put it past the developers to try something like that, because honestly it sounds pretty great. I wouldn’t bank on seeing much of that in Season 9 save for possibly the end of Season teaser for Season 10. The developers do have up to season 12 planned out at this current time so we really just have to wait and see.

A New Pistol

I have no bearing for this outside of what I have noticed. There are currently three pistols in Apex Legends. The Wingman, the P2020 and the RE-45 have all been in the game since day one. They have all seen various tweaks and changes over the seasons but nothing has been added to this gun category. As much as I hate to admit it the next gun added should be an energy pistol.

I’ve never been a fan of energy weapons in general but it does make sense for the Apex Legends Season 9 gun addition to be an energy pistol.

That being said with “More Titanfall” being added it wouldn’t be a surprise to see a variant of the Smart Pistol from Titanfall to be a care package weapon alongside the Kraber. In order for it to be in the regular loot pool it would have to be dumbed down quite a bit to work in Apex Legends.

Since it locks on and quickly kills enemies it would need to be scaled down to maybe only destroy shields or something.

One Major Issue (Needs to be Fixed)

It’s no secret that Apex Legends still has glaring issues. The team at Respawn Entertainment is working hard to fix as much as they can while still meeting or moving deadlines to attempt to avoid crunch that plagues the industry. That is fantastic and I fully support it. The fact that they have launched multiple seasons and questlines while facing the new norm that is working during Covid is commendable.

Now that we are closer to being past it, progress needs to come to the game. One of the major issues needs to be fixed to keep players both casual and pro in the game. Hacking is a huge issue from Platinum and above in ranked. Some Predators even report being locked out by another player who holds their account hostage to keep them from playing.

Audio issues have been horrendous since early seasons. While progress has been announced regarding Octane’s silent jump pads, characters will now shout a voice line when using them to alert players nearby, more needs to be done.

Too often footsteps never trigger in the game, worse yet your teammates footsteps are too loud compared to your enemy. It’s a validly annoying thing to be one pumped in the back because no audio played when they walked near you.

Servers have been very rough over the past few months. They’ve always had some wonkiness to them but just a few days ago I experienced constant latency even though my ping was in the low 30s. I also had to completely close the game once I died in order to reach the lobby again. This went on for a few hours. Sure I could have played another game, and for the sake of the content I was creating I should have.

You know what I didn’t do though? Send death threats to a developer. Only wastes of oxygen do that. I was frustrated sure, but there is no situation where it is ever okay to verbally attack a developer like that. Go play another game or better yet seek therapy because you clearly need it.

Moving on, one of these issues needs to be fixed in order for Apex Legends to keep its bigger and newer player base. SBMM could also use some tweaking but that is worth it’s own article entirely.

What are your thoughts on Apex Legends Season 9? What needs to happen? What do you hope to see from the season? Do you think any of my predictions are right? Sound off in the comments down below! Remember to take these predictions with a grain of salt, I could be completely wrong.

Before I go, I genuinely want to thank the team at Respawn. You have made an amazing game that right now is the pinnacle of BR experiences. It has brought so much to my own career as a streamer, a former pro player, and even my new job I do at a different studio. You have done amazing work especially given the circumstances over 2020. I’m excited to see what the future of Apex Legends is.


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