Morgana is once again in full SIMP mode and wants nothing more than please Ann. This time with a rare dessert and he wants your help. Here’s how to get this luxurious dessert.

After delivering the standard sweets to Ann through the Sendai Sweets request the mission will be active. Head to the temple by the hideout and talk to the person outside the temple by the vending machines. Now head inside and speak to the Maiden by the temple on the left side. She’s wearing a white and red outfit.

She’ll direct you to the Fussy Manager on the lower part of the map by Cafe Blue. It’s the store with the green decorative ice cream cone outside. She’ll tell you about a passcode you’ll need.

Head to Sendai Station and take the path to the arcade but instead, stick to the right. Down here you’ll find a heartbroken guy talking about the password. Once you get it, tell the manager, and buy the dessert. Complete the request by clicking on it in the menu.

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