Halo Infinite still has no official release date but 343 decided to release 4 new images of Zeta Halo.

The images showcase the newly constructed Halo ring in action. Along with a look at the human sniper rifle and the HUB. It’s nothing players haven’t seen before. With the developers stating they’re focusing on Legacy and Simplicity when designing the game.

As far as our artistic goals for the campaign goes, we have focused on two key themes, “Legacy” and “Simplicity”, when it comes to the visual experience we are building. For “Legacy” we really want players to feel like they are experiencing a game that they remember fondly (Halo: Combat Evolved), but with modernized graphics of course. As far as “Simplicity” is concerned, we wanted to ensure that we steer away from overly noisy designs and details which is a key takeaway for the team coming off Halo 5. With Halo Infinite, we wanted to take this new adventure back to its roots and create a visually pleasing experience that doesn’t overwhelm with unnecessary complexity where readability and clear artistic composition prevail. This is our artistic interpretation of a beautiful world to exist within – rather than something that is purely grounded in photo realism. Both goals have been a true challenge to balance, especially against the expectations of what it means to be a “next-gen” title, but through some incredible team collaboration, hard work, and community feedback we are hoping to land something that everyone will really enjoy and appreciate.

Halo Infinite is in development for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X.

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