Solo queuing into any multiplayer game can damage the experience. This is especially true for Apex Legends. Between the rampant third parties, teammates wandering off, and the constant disconnecting of teammates as soon as they are downed it is a wonder that anyone would play alone. Well if you are as unfortunate as I am, most of the time you decide to fire up Apex Legends no one seems to be around to join the squad. Let’s take a look at some ways to make your gameplay and teamwork a little better if you are also the strong silent type of player.

Play A Character That Will Help The Group

At the end of the day, play whoever you want. That being said, there are some legends that will help out the team a little more than others. Depending on where you are in ranked, don’t worry about meta. I know that is a shocking statement but until you hit about Platinum II that meta really doesn’t make or break rank. You have a ton more freedom to play whatever character you want.

With that in mind, there are some characters that will help push you as a solo player while still helping out your team. Bloodhound is always a fantastic addition to the team. They possess the ability to send a pulse scan and see enemies through walls. Their ultimate ability does the same but gives Bloodhound a speed boost and they can scan at an increased rate. This also lets them see the enemy in vivid red against a black background.

Lifeline is always useful in a squad. She is the only character that is a straight-up healer. She can throw a drone down to heal. She projects a shield from her bot as it revives people. You must protect the people you are reviving, nine times out of ten at least one enemy will push as you revive. Stand your ground and keep your injured teammate safe.

Most people usually recommend a high mobility character such as Pathfinder and Wraith but for newer players, they may be a little hard to grasp. Established players will also snatch up wraith if you are queuing with them so sticking to them might not be the way to go. Gibraltar will be a good grab as an alternative. He doesn’t have the ability to relocate a team like Pathfinder, Wraith, or to an extent Horizon, but he can drop a dome that protects from all incoming projectiles. It also grants him the ability to revive at a faster rate and heal a little faster when the dome is active. His ult is absolutely devastating if you can hit people with the bombardment.

Again you don’t have to play these characters but they will offer a little more to the team. Even a character like Crypto can make the jump from bronze to platinum given enough dedication. Caustic however will have a way easier time getting there.

Use the Ping System

For whatever reason you choose not to use a mic to talk to a teammate, the ping system is almost perfect at conveying the most needed to know topics in the game. I choose not to talk to randoms because I usually play while streaming, though I generally don’t like talking outside of that either. This cuts down on people saying things just for the sake of being terrible people.

In an effort to still communicate with them I use the very intuitive ping system that Respawn has put into Apex Legends. This system allows you to tell your team that there are enemies nearby, you need ammo, shields, health, and so much more. Using a microphone will almost always be the better option but in cases like mine and so many others, this ping system works well enough to get the message across.

DO NOT spam it though. A lot of new and selfish players will spam the ping for an enemy location after they get knocked. Quit doing this. The number of times I have lost a fight because I can’t hear the footsteps of the enemy which are already wonky enough on their own. It is insurmountable the number of times that happens. Please just ping twice where they are and once if they move. Give the players who are still up and moving time to fight and hear where everyone is.

Mind Your Position

The biggest mistake a lot of newer, or silent players make is not keeping an eye on their team or map. I noticed this a little more when I gave the console version a shot. My teammates wouldn’t ping where they are going and just leave the squad behind. Worse yet, sometimes all three of us would end up in completely different locations because they wouldn’t keep an eye on the mini-map or even ping.

In a fight be mindful of where you are. Where is the nearest cover to play? What is your escape route? How many times have you peeked at the same angle? All of that and more should factor into your decision-making. You should also keep in mind where your teammates are in relation to you. Spread out just enough to cover more angles but don’t be so spread out you are easy to pick off.

You should never bunch together. Your shots are more likely to bounce off of a teammate than hit any enemy in this scenario. Not to mention it makes you an easier target for them. One ark star or thermite and you are left wide open to a barrage of bullets.

Stay Kitted

In order to be the best silent player you can be for your teammates having weapons you are comfortable with is a must. If you are most comfortable running a R-301 and Wingman. Grab them. If you are a better short-distance fighter grab an R-99 and Mastiff or even substitute in a Volt. Whatever it is practice with them. Pros and higher tear players have made countless aim guides on YouTube across both mouse and keyboard as well as a controller.

I recommend watching chiknnuggey, ImMaddness and, SuitMonkey for some of the best guides. For controllers, I recommend SultanD he has some generally informative guides even breaking down what settings to use on the controller to help with all kinds of aspects of fighting. The best guide I can give you is to jump into a firing range for about ten to fifteen minutes a day. Grab the R-301 and a Wingman. Walk over to the Sniper platform in the center of the map and practice single firing all the moving targets.  This helps you learn to track an enemy as it is moving. You can do it full auto as well trying to hit at least 180 to 200 damage on the moving target.

With the Wingman aim at the dummy in front of you and practice flicking to the six targets, he is in between. Practice flicking to one and hitting a headshot then recentering to the middle above the dummy and then repeat. There is also a way to hit the moving targets from earlier than a stationary target as it passes by. This all helps your in-game aiming and ability to hit consistent shots. Turn the dummies on in firing range to practice active shooting in combat scenarios. Practice with a fully kitted weapon and no attachments to learn both outcomes and improve. Most top players can one-clip someone without any added clip size. I would say blue level attachments are the most common so practice to be most efficient with them.

Learn How to Push

Learning how to push or even when to bail on a push/fight takes time to master or make any progress with. Just because you knock one person does not mean you should push. Read that last sentence again. So many players go aggro when they get a knock and it puts the entire team at risk. In most fights do not rush until you knock at least two people. This is of course has some wiggle room. If you knock one, break another’s shields then by all means communicate then take the push.

Thirsting is pretty debatable as well. If the person’s team is still pretty far or not immediately engaging absolutely finish off that downed person. They will just be feeding info to the enemy about where your team is. The mistake most people make is knocking a person and then leaving cover to push or just getting into a situation where killing off that one person really isn’t what should be focused on. More than likely that knocked player’s team will be pushing to fend you off. You are probably better off focusing on them.

I have a teammate who regularly prioritizes finishing a knocked player off and it puts the entire team at risk constantly and more often than not is the reason we end up losing. Even when he is the one knocked, as soon as we knock a person on the enemy team he is shouting to finish that player off. Pulling attention away from the rest of the enemies trying to push or covering their steps up by shouting.  More often than not the people still up really aren’t in the best position health or armor-wise to try that push that late into a fight.

To Close Out

One final tip I have is to do your best to keep fights short. Anything longer than about 20 seconds and it has a higher chance to invite third parties. If you have any more questions for playing solo in Apex Legends or you just want more tips and tricks drop a line down below in the comments. Practice and consistency are going to be your best friends in Apex Legends. At the end of it though remember it is just a game, don’t get discouraged and ragey. No one wants to play with someone who yells and passes the blame the entire time.

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