2021 is finally here, and while the 2020 games were great, 2020, in general, wasn’t. So we here at GAW, like many of you, hope the video games industry continues to put out absolute bangers in 2021. We put together a list that we are all most excited about. We also wanted to see if your picks match up with our staffer’s picks!

We asked some of your favorite GAW staffers, ” What is your most anticipated game of 2021?”

Here is how they answered:

Allen S
Editorials and Reviews Manager/ Is old enough to remember Bloodhound Gang

After the dumpster fire that was 2020, I am eager to move on and see what games 2021 has to help me get through the year. Games like Gotham Knights, more information on Suicide Squad, Hellblade 2, Deathloop, GhostWire Tokyo and so many more are set to come out this year. That alone feels like an absolutely stacked year.

Be that as it may, there are a few others that I am looking forward to even more than those listed above. The games I am looking forward to most this year are Back 4 Blood, Resident Evil 8, and Boyfriend Dungeon. Back 4 Blood is the next game from the creators of Left 4 Dead. There is even more of a focus on teamwork as made evident by the alpha a few weeks back. The action is ramped up but still feels familiar and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

Resident Evil 8 looks to be a strange and entertaining new direction for the aging and loved series. The trailer raised so many questions and managed to mix a similar local from Resident Evil 4 with the pristine gameplay of Resident Evil 7. I can’t wait to see where it goes, or what gets messed up. Seriously the werewolf looking guys and evil Chris kind of threw me off.

Boyfriend Dungeon is a game I have been itching to play for the better part of about two years now. It is a dungeon crawler mixed with a dating sim that hits a perfect middle ground from what I got to play a few years back. Dating your weapons and inclusion has never looked so good.


John D.
Chief Operating Officer/Swears He didn’t set that dumpster on fire, but He definitely watched for way too long.

There are a few games that come to mind when I think of 2021 to pick from; Halo Infinite, new Abe’s Odyssey, Hood: Outlaws & Legends, Guilty Gear -Strive-, and Far Cry 6 all yell to me in the loudest hype imaginable. Fable, however, most likely won’t be out this year so that can take a back seat for now. There are three games in particular that I am even more pumped for than those.

This was pretty hard but I feel good about my picks. Like Allen, Back 4 Blood is something I am so pumped for. I have so many memories of playing L4D with my friends. We played hours of it just killing zombies endlessly. While I know, zombies have seemed to been done to un-death, playing through the Alpha test of B4B was an amazing experience that was reminiscent of those days. The new card system is a lot of fun and keeps the game interesting. The new special zombies are fresh and had a new difficulty to them that keep me engaged again. This is how you revive a series. Can’t wait to see what they do.

Another of my definite picks is a horror game called Scorn. Coming out sometime this year (unless it gets pushed back), Scorn is an atmospheric first-person horror adventure that reminds me of H. G. Geiger’s artwork. That weirdo. The guns, monsters, and levels just seem different than most of the horror games that have dropped recently so I am putting a lot of faith in something that seems out of the ordinary. Yes, I am so stoked for the above AAA games but Scorn just seems different somehow and I’m ready for it.

However, beyond all that! What I am truly ready for is NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139… to come out on PS4 on April 23rd. I have my Deluxe set preordered from the moment it was announced. I’m so excited to experience the action with The protagonist as he sets out with Grimoire Weiss, a strange talking tome, to search for the “Sealed verses.” If you read through GAW’s Best RPG of the Generation piece, you know how much I love NieR: Automata, so, I am so pumped for this game!

Also, I wanted to say Boyfriend Dungeon as Allen did, but I mean I can’t copy everything he said, right?

Christopher T.
Staff Writer/Bah humbug chooms.

After looking at games coming out in 2021, I must admit, I’m not anticipating much, So, this was a hard pick for me. Let’s take Far Cry 6, which looks like a Far Cry game, and unless they innovate the formula a bit, I will probably be skipping this installment. Halo Infinite is not my preferred shooter, Resident Evil 8 too boring as it is the direct sequel and similar to RE7.

The only games I am truly anticipating are the System Shock Remake, System Shock 3, and Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines 2, and let’s face it, none of these are going to be available this year…Oh, I did forget about the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, which I am super excited about. Ok going with that.

Amanda G.
Community Development Team/Would Sell her Soul to Annapurna Interactive.

IT’S 2021 Y’ALL! WOOO!

Okay, now that I’ve got that off my chest; of course, I’m excited for Horizon: Forbidden West. I wrote extensively about my love of that series during our GAW Picks series. 2021, however, will also be home to a couple of SUPER AWESOME indie titles I’m excited (x1000) for. Both games are also being published by Annapurna Interactive.

12 Minutes is the first pick. It’s from developer Luis Antonio and was first announced widely at E3 2019. On the surface, it plays almost like a very dark version of Groundhog Day. It’s played from a top-down perspective set in an apartment shared by a man and his wife, and all of a sudden, the cops show up and accuse the wife of a murder that happened several years ago. Tragedy ensues, and suddenly, you find yourself 12 minutes in the past. I LOVE a good mystery, and the cast for this game is top-notch as well. James McAvoy, Daisy Ridley, and Willem Dafoe? Sign me up.

Stray is the other game of 2021 I’m looking forward to. This one got me right away at PlayStation’s Future of Gaming event last year and orange tabby cats are my FAVORITE. This one has a mystery at its core as well. Where are the humans? (In the trailer, one of the walls even has ‘RIP HUMANS’ spray-painted on it.) Why is the city populated with nothing but robots? Will I be able to get this little guy back home? I have so many questions, but the kitty must be protected at all costs.

My wallet is ready!

Nic S.
Senior Staff Writer/Used to be Good at Call of Duty

Everything. That’s my pick. It’s hard to pin down what exactly I’m looking forward to; everything is on the table. Luckily for all of us, The Medium is out this month and sounds all the right types of ambitious for the survival horror nerd in me. Speaking of, I still haven’t played Resident Evil 7 but I’m still as hyped as ever to see what the next evolution brings with Village (RE8). Monster Hunter: Rise also looks to be bringing a ton of new ideas to the winning formula used in Monster Hunter World.

Since we didn’t get one last year, what exactly is happening with Forza? I hope we find out this year. I’ve never been the biggest Halo fan but with Halo Infinite getting delayed to this fall, I can’t help but hope for something truly breathtaking. In the good sense, not in the last-generation-console-version-of-Cyberpunk-2077-sense. *shudders*  

For real though, wherein the darkest depths of deepnest is Hollow Knight: Silksong Team Cherry? I need more. I saw the EDGE article. I need more. Give it to me. Now. Please. I need it. Now. SHAW.

God, I love videogames. Only 146 days (hopefully) till E3 2021.

Robin G.
Senior Editorial Writer/Please…..just give me a shred of news about Elder Scrolls 6 so I can restore my life force after 2020

So 2020, right? Despite the cluster funk of last year, we did get some incredible games: Doom Eternal, Animal Crossing, Half-Life: Alyx, Cyberpunk 2077 (Yes, despite the issues), Last of Us 2 and so much more. Developers had to work through lockdowns, a decentralized workforce that had to stay at home and coordinate massive projects all so we could play some fantastic games: to you, devs, and everyone involved in making our games, we thank you for helping us keep sane.

Moving into 2021,  there are a lot of solid picks and a lot to look forward to. Some games that come to mind have already been revealed like God of War: Ragnorak, Halo Infinite, Ghostwire: Tokyo, hopefully, Dying Light 2 (please god, just release it) and so many other games. One of my most anticipated games for 2021 just launched: Hitman 3 which has been nothing but spectacular (and you can read more about it when my review comes out).

However, between everything that comes out, there is one stand-out, the next game from Arkane: Deathloop. The next game from the makers of Dishonoured and Prey looks absolutely spectacular combining the developer’s trademark immersive sim worlds, fast-paced gameplay, and a level of choice that can only be done by select studios like Arkane. Adding to their repertoire is an interesting time-loop mechanic, multiplayer where other players can disrupt your rogue-lite run, and a game oozing with style reminiscent of a 70’s Dystopian thriller.

Deathloop is going to be a wild ride so it was definitely one of my picks. Just one of many incredible games coming out this year, but I will say one thing: Bethesda, if you’re listening, please give us more information about Starfield and Elder Scrolls 6, please?

Well, there you have it folks, the GAW team’s picks for 2021! We hope everyone has a great and safe 2021 and that it brings us tons of games for us to share and enjoy together.

What were your picks? Did it make the list? Want to share a game that we didn’t think of? Tell us in the comment section below

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