Before Doom Slayer’s latest adventure comes to Switch id Software has a new patch. Adding new modes and cosmetics for DOOM Eternal.

The Master Level mode is a new custom difficulty that provides the ultimate DOOM test. With more hazards, powerful enemies, and success means unique rewards.

Also added is:

Classic Mode

Start the Master Level with only the Combat Shotgun. You’ll need to find the rest of the weapons and mods throughout the level in order to fill out your arsenal and have a chance to survive!

Extra-Life Difficulty Added

We’ve added Extra-Life mode for those looking to hone their skills and take on a higher challenge as it’s permadeth once you run out of Extra Lives. This is a great new option for those training for an Ultra Nightmare run. Time to go hunting for secrets!

Ultra Nightmare Difficulty Added

For the ultimate test of skill for those black belt Slayers, we’ve added Ultra Nightmare difficulty for this new Master Level. This means permadeath without the chance to gain Extra Lives.

With the holiday season here new seasonal cosmetics will be added starting December 10th, along with bug fixes, and update improvements for the Xbox Series X and Series X versions of the game such as 4K.

DOOM Eternal is now available for PS4, PC, and Xbox One. It’ll launch for Switch this December 8th.

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