The final boss of Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales has the young hero facing the Tinkerer. With her brilliant plan being to destroy a building to take down Roxxom in Harlem believing no one will be hurt; smart. Here’s how to defeat her.

The first phase is similar to a fight against an Underground agent. Simply use your Venom strikes to destroy her armor and dodge accordingly.

The second phase is when Tinkerer will start to use more unique attacks. Direct attacks will not work, instead, you’ll have to wait until she blasts you with her cannon 3 times and charges. When she does you can counterattack. Remember to stay far from her or she’ll sweep with her sword or use a ground pound immediately.

In the third phase, Tinkerer will start using cannons. You can toss these back to stun her by using your camo to avoid their detection. This is all about guerrilla warfare, stay back and wait for her to tire herself out. If you can use your cloaking to close the gap and immediately start a new assault. She won’t get tired like in the previous phase so you have to take the initiative to attack.

The final phase is solely about dodging. Tinkerer will start to use spinning blades that you must dodge. After 3 attacks she’ll need to recharge, use Triangle to dash forward, and start attacking. Do this until she falls.

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