Prowler will attempt to stop Miles one last time when he tries to stop the Tinkerer. This time Miles isn’t having it and decides to fight his Uncle.

The Prowler is an easy fight if you mastered the dodge technique and have Untouchable equipped. Prowler will attempt to attack from the shadows but must decloak before he can attack. This will allow Miles to counter and easily take down his Uncle. Prowler will attempt to use a high-powered beam but you can easily dodge this since it’s slow.

Phase 2 will have Prowler using decoys to confuse Miles. However, Miles Venom strikes can make short work of them. If you leveled up and got Miles’ chain Venom stun you can chain this to the main Prowler, stunning him, and opening him up to a flurry of attacks. Prowler will go down after enough damage.

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