“Growing up is never easy” 

Has the coming new console generation got you feeling nostalgic for all the great games that came out over the last seven years since the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One launched?

Do you fall into a drooling, midday coma – recalling your first Destiny 2 raid or that first weekend binge of Dying Light – narrating your own memories with the yearning of a young Kevin Arnold; your 300+ hour save of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt your Winnie Cooper?

Did that Wonder Years reference expose me for the mid-thirties soon-to-be-Boomer that I am?

Well, if you’re into all of that, then this weeks Nonsensory Podcast is for you as we discuss our Games of the Generation!

Our picks are in no particular order and are not comprehensive. We simply wish to discuss those games that meant the most to us, and that we felt shook the industry the most this generation. Im sure we will have left something out (that you can add in the comments or hit us up on Twitter!)

What were YOUR Games of the Generation? What do you think of ours? Are you sad to see this generation end, or are you in a “cant wait!” mode for next-gen?

Thank you so much for listening/watching, we appreciate you all!!

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About The Author

Evan W

Evan discovered gaming with Sonic the Hedgehog on the Sega Genesis and never looked back. He has spent the last 20 years criss-crossing genres and platforms, and is an equal opportunity rager, breaking consoles and PCs alike. If you spent summer days off from middle school playing classic PC shooters instead of developing a tan and social skills, you've got a friend in him. Mom might not understand the pain of being "180NOSCOPEWTFPWNED, SON!", but he does. Oh, he does.