Jumping into a Battle Royale game for the first time can be a bit intimidating, especially one as fast-paced as Apex Legends. The players that have been there since day one have a huge leg up on beginners. That makes learning the nuances of each of the Legends all the more challenging as someone with huge movement abilities like Octane can stim himself and attack from any angle. Couple that with the nightmare that is Revenant who can use his totem to fight you with essentially double health, then newer players might feel a little lost.

New players want to contribute and feel like they are helping the team. The question then appears, who do I pick to help out? Wraith and Pathfinder can help the team move in incredible ways and figuring those movements out can seem daunting. Some of the legends such as Caustic, Crypto, and Wattson can all contribute in several ways but knowing when to throw the gas ult, put up a fence or try to crack shields as Crypto can be a tough thing to figure out. Below is a list of characters that will grant you the ability to fight with your team and help them while still learning the ropes of Apex Legends.


Using Gibraltar effectively really isn’t that hard to do. His abilities allow him to help the whole team as well as pull attention away from an advancing teammate. Gibraltar has two shields that take a ton of damage as well as unmatched strategic advantages. His arm shield makes headshots harder to hit on him as his head is right behind the shield. It also recharges quickly, especially if he breaks off to heal his body shield. He and Caustic can also take 10% more damage than other legends.

He has an absolutely devastating ultimate ability that if used right can heavily damage if not outright kill whole teams. There isn’t much to worry about when using it either, just make sure your team is affected minimally by it. If Gibby is in the middle of the ult he will take heavy damage and teammates will be slowed by the ult and shell shocked. Make sure there is an open sky above you and hope there are no Wattson pylons nearby. Both overhanging structures and a Wattson Pylon will stop Gibraltar’s ult.

Gibraltar has one of the most useful secondary abilities in the game. His dome shield is great at blocking bullets and most abilities. The team will also be able to heal up faster when inside of it. Gibraltar can also revive people quicker inside of his dome akin to how Lifeline picks up downed players with a unique animation. Be aware though, just because you are in the shield does not mean it is safe. Enemies can still push and enter the shield.


Bloodhound received a huge buff near the start of the season that really made them a top tier legend. When Bloodhound uses their ‘Beast of the Hunt’ ability to see enemies as red objects in a black and white world, their scan now recharges in under ten seconds. It also keeps the mode going the more knocks they get in a fight. Knocking more and more enemies can add between five and fifteen seconds to their ult timer. Not only that but Bloodhounds movement is increased by about 30% making them all the more predatory to other teams.

Not confident enough to rush? No problem, during Beast of the Hunt as well as in general, Bloodhound’s ability to scan enemies and reveal their positions to their team is incredibly helpful. Not to mention if an enemy Bangalore or Caustic put up smoke Bloodhound can still see them and point out the enemies to their team.

As of Season 6 Bloodhound can also start using the beacons previously exclusive to Pathfinder to help their team figure out how the ring is moving. This adds even more necessity and helpfulness to having a Bloodhound on your team. Outside of all of that Bloodhound can also ping within about a minute and a half that enemies were in the area. There is a lot to do here for newer players who are eager to help but may not be confident enough to get in there with a Wingman and wipe the whole squad.


Loba is the kind of character that is useful in the regular mode and for newer players but really doesn’t see a lot of competitive play. Do not let that discourage you from trying to use her in Apex Legends. Loba’s big draw and the way she will be most helpful for a new player is her ability to see items through walls. Loba can see purple or better-ranked items through walls and inside the containers around the map. It is very useful for helping the more experienced players get items they need or even just grabbing yourself some items.

Her ultimate ability right now allows her to throw down a shop for her teammates called the Black Market. Each player is allowed to take up to two items from the loot pool displayed on the screen. The loot is everything within a set radius of the store. It will work near vaults but be warned anything with a lock icon next to it can only be taken by Loba. It will also trigger a very loud alarm that alerts nearby teams and closes out the store.

Aside from that, it is easy to argue her ability to throw her bracelet and teleport to it is great for getting banners and escaping. I honestly think other characters are better suited for this task though.


Lifeline has been a top pick since day one in Apex Legends. Her heal drone and shield kit make her an immediate grab in most cases. Some argue she’s not really needed but even Preds, the best players in the game still chose her. She isn’t that hard to pick up and use effectively and she is always a huge help when used by a competent player.

As of right now, she has the ability to drop a shield in front of downed teammates so her bot can revive them. This is far more useful than her old method of dropping the shield over herself as she picks up players. Now she is free to give covering fire to the downed player and to try to keep back any players who are pushing. Trust me they will push or at the very least grenade since those are the ways to counter the shield.

Lifeline also has a bot that she can throw down to help the team heal either mid-fight or post-fight. If more than one player is attached to the drone it will split its healing between the number of players connected. No matter what it still heals everyone up almost fully. I think if all players in a squad are connected it is generally a little over half health can be healed. She also possesses the ability to open certain supply crates with extra slots that have more healing and shield cells for either her or the team.

Her ultimate calls down a care package that usually is helpful. It usually has some sort of better shield item in it, sometimes a purple body shield. Usually, one side is full of syringes and shield cells, while the last one is usually some sort of attachment for a weapon. Be wary though, calling this in is easily heard and seen by other players. Her packaged drops a lot faster than the in-game ones you see every circle change.

With season seven soon to come some players will be returning to the game while others will be trying it out for the first time. While others are fighting over who gets to play Horizon or where on Olympus (new map rumored for season 7) keep these other characters in mind to try out. Remember to spend time in the firing range as well. There are a ton of drills you can run yourself through to improve and get a little more used to your character pre-match. Tell us your main down below in the comments and remember, not every player is goated. If you’re a skilled player, help out a newbie, don’t be a tool.

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