Recently Microsoft revealed the Xbox Series S, a smaller budget-friendly version of the Xbox Series X at $299.99. Now, after the rumor mill exposed the Xbox Series X release and price Microsoft just decided to come out and confirm all the rumors are true. With the Xbox Series X releasing this November 10th for $499.99.

Microsoft will open pre-orders this September 22nd with finance options available.

To empower you more than ever to jump into the next generation of gaming, today we confirmed:

Xbox Series X, our most powerful console ever made, and Xbox Series S, next-generation performance in our smallest console ever built at a more affordable price, launch globally November 10, pre-orders start September 22.

The expansion of Xbox All Access to 12 countries, offering you a next generation Xbox and 24 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate starting at $24.99 a month, with no upfront costs.

EA Play Comes to Xbox Game Pass at no additional cost.

That right, EA Play will come to Game Pass at no additional cost. Making Xbox Game Pass more appealing than any other gaming service. However, without a system seller such asĀ Halo: Infinite the console has little appealing factors. As you can get Xbox Game Pass on PC with better performance but going against Sony’s PS5 which has a lot of exclusives is troubling. Along with rumors of a more powerful Switch coming next year Microsoft has to provide more than a service to make the system appealing.

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