They’re Really Taking It Down to the Wire with These Consoles, Eh?

Just two months before the rumored release dates for both Sony and Microsoft’s next gen consoles, Microsoft has blinked first, revealing its cheaper Series S console to go alongside its beefier Series X flagship. Now that Xbox has shown its cards, will Sony’s hand be a winning one? Or are they just bluffing?

While Sony and Microsoft battle it out, Nintendo is apparently silently looking into the 4K game themselves with what is rumored to be a new, more powerful version of the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo has already shown they dont need the best specs to sell a butt-ton of units, but they’ve gotta keep up at least somewhat with the power of these next gen consoles, right?

Sony announced a new PS5 showcase of their own, and we speculate on what they could be showing (hint: definitely pricing and release date for PS5).

Finally, Ubisoft held their second Forward event of the summer, and we have all the details (that WE care about, anyhow)

Listen/Watch our latest episode to find out all the happenings, ya’ll!

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