About 15 years ago, we saw the first look at Remedy’s newest game Alan Wake. The game followed the journey of the title character into the depths of a mysterious darkness that was coming to life through his writing. In 2010, Alan Wake released to critical praise and one of my personal favorites of all time.

But then, much like his character, Alan Wake disappeared from the entertainment stage never to be seen again.

In 2019, a new Remedy game launched titled Control, a game that I gave a glowing review to and has stuck with me since it’s launch. Going through the fictitious world of The Oldest House in Control, the main character Jessie Faden came across many many mysteries, closed cases, and unsolved paradoxes.

One of them was teased to be the disappearance of Alan Wake himself.

Last week, Control‘s final DLC titled “AWE” (short for “Altered World Event”) released and finally gave us an answer to a nearly decade-old question, sort of.

What happened to Alan Wake?

What we do in the shadows

AWE takes players into the previously sealed off sector of the oldest house, the Investigations Sector. The story kicks off with Jesse Faden receiving a cryptic message from Alan Wake himself! As a huge fan of Alan Wake, seeing him and hearing the character’s narration brought back a wave of nostalgia that I didn’t realize how much I missed.

Racing into the Investigations Sector with Alan Wake’s bewildering messages guiding you, fans of Control will notice a serious improvement over the already incredible level design. Each area you explore in this DLC feels unique in its own way with many secrets hidden throughout.

The overall tone also takes more of a horror approach much like Alan Wake as a new, very twisted enemy is revealed. Another bit of Alan Wake returning is the use of light against the seminal “darkness” from the original game. While you’re not armed with a trusted flashlight, you can use your telekinetic powers and a serious of light puzzles to use the light to diffuse the sentient darkness.

Control always had a sinister tone, but I never felt the full effects since Jessie is a complete powerhouse. With AWE, there were moments even I felt like high tailing out of there, especially when a certain doctor showed up.

Speaking of the good doctor, while his encounter is quite fun it is quite difficult so don’t go into the battle armed without the right weapons, mods, and upgraded abilities.

You’ll thank me when the time comes.

AWE is a great experience for Alan Wake fans and Control fans alike, but it sure did leave me wanting more. The time spent with Alan Wake didn’t feel like enough: the DLC feels more like a post-credit sequence teasing his story than a full-revelation of his story since he went missing a decade ago.

This left me feeling a bit hollow, but the ending tease did signify some truly interesting developments in what I hope is the near future. Remedy recently revealed that both games are part of the overarching Remedy Connected Universe which promises to explore beyond just simply easter eggs, but an interconnected universe.

A fitting tease

Till we meet again, Wake.

Control’s AWE DLC is a fitting tease that gives us a reason to return to its fascinating world, a reunion with an old friend, and a glimpse of what is to come. While the reunion felt a bit cut short, I am more invested than ever before in the Remedy Connected Universe and how it will continue to tell their stories in the compelling backdrop of Control and beyond.

Control "AWE" DLC Review
The Good
  • Alan Wake!
  • Great call backs to "Alan Wake" that fans will adore
  • A return to the fascinating world of "Control"
The Bad
  • Not enough Alan Wake!
  • Boss fight is a bit frustrating
  • Over far too soon
8Overall Score
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