Today it was confirmed those who purchase No Straight Roads physical copies will get a bonus item. A digital soundtrack featuring 21 tracks.

No Straight Roads follows an indie rock band consisting of Mayday and Zuke. The 2 live in Vinyl City, a large metropolis that uses music to fuel the city’s vast need for energy. Unfortunately, the city is ruled by the NSR who declared EDM the only allowed music. Mayday and Zuke find out the NSR is only provided energy to its more elite citizens and leaving everyone in the dark. To return power to the citizens and musical freedom Mayday and Zuke must take down the NSR’s top members.

No Straight Roads launches on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC this August 25th digitally. Physical copies will launch on PS4 and Xbox One the same day with Switch physical editions coming at a later date.

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