Never in a million years would I have thought I would be reviewing a game like Fall Guys. On the outside, it looked like a fun, mindless pass time you play while waiting for games like Warzone to finish updating. How good could it be? A game about 60-players doing a series of cutesy challenges set to bright, pop electronic music. How could something like this constitute a battle royale?

Turns out the answer is it’s very good, it’s definitely a battle royale and I’m trying to finish this review as quickly as possible so I can get another fix of that sweet colorful goodness.

In a year filled with a pandemic, murder hornets, and many other horrors, Fall Guys is not just a welcome change of pace but a wonderful game that came out of nowhere and made itself at home right in my heart.

Pleasing to the eyes (and ears)

From the moment you load up Fall Guys on PC or the PS4 (yes…I have both versions), players are greeted with upbeat menu music and pleasingly colorful pallet that’s welcoming you into its bizarre, cute world. The menu showcases your player which is an adorable bean-person that can be customized with a large assortment of cosmetics.

These range from patterns, top and bottom outfit choices, victories, and more. Fall Guys entire user interface is simple but easy to use making the steps between you and a match as short as possible.

This is my boy, Mr. Owl. He will destroy you.

Jumping into the game is as easy as launching and watching your adorable mascot fly through the air, hurtling towards the next exciting adventure. Each level created by Mediatonic is colorful, vibrant, and unique in its presentation. Mediatonic has created a very recognizable, unique visual identity that some other battle royales are sorely missing.

Fall Guys also runs very well on both PC and PS4: I rarely get slowdowns on either platform. On top of great performance, the game is just a visual treat technically and artistically: it’s simple and eye-pleasing.

Colorful and memorable design.

I can’t talk about the presentation without mentioning the infections soundtrack that, and I guarantee this, will be stuck in your head long after you go to bed. I’m pretty sure I had the menu music stuck in my head the whole night. Fall Guys soundtrack is happy, upbeat, and whimsical (everything that 2020 isn’t).

Mediatonic, please release the soundtrack.

Colorful Competition

The goal of Fall Guys is simple: be the first adorable bean to cross the finish line, and grab the crown. The only problem is, you have 59 other players to contend with. Unlike most battle royales that involve you shooting at your enemies, Fall Guys is all about timing, skill, and looking cute while doing it. Gameplay involves running, jumping grabbing, and diving like Max Payne in the middle of a firefight. With this move-set, you have to then take part in a series of wild, hilarious, and sometimes frustrating obstacle courses.

An absolute blood bath when it needs to be.

Some of these include running to the finish line while cannons are firing fruit at you, jumping across giant see-saw’s that is both hilarious and nerve-wracking at times and so many more. Rounds are broken up between both solo and team-based rounds where you work with other players to win (unless you’re yellow, yellow is cursed believe me).

Team games are a bit frustrating but ultimately rewarding when you’re working together without the aid of cross-team chat of any sort. Some of these games are great including one where you grab a bunch of eggs and play soccer.

What it looks like.

What it feels like.

Right now the game does have some issues finding matches and sometimes disconnecting with long downtimes. This is understandable considering that the developers themselves probably didn’t expect their game to become a massive hit of this scale. On top of that, they’re transparent when fixes and bugs need to be addressed and give out great freebees to their loving community as a gesture.

What I love about Fall Guys is the simplicity of its execution and gameplay. You’re not worrying about loadouts or abilities or getting the right spawn, you’re simply running an obstacle course that is both fun, comedic, and highly competitive.

Memes and Dreams

Fall Guys in its current form is not much else other than an obstacle course game with dozens of other players. Mediatonic has already mentioned that will add more levels in the future to further expand what Fall Guys has to offer. Right now, it’s not a game you can play for hours on end, at least I can’t anyway. It’s best when you play it in short bursts, anything more and you’ll see that the overall offering right now is a bit shallow.

There’s not too much content, but what’s there is a lot of fun.

That being said, the game has a lot going for it including the vast, rabid support of fans, brands and it’s own developers. This includes the fantastic community manager for Fall Guys. I don’t normally mention the Twitter account of any game (or ever actually), but I would love to just talk to this manager and to understand how they good so god damn good at connecting with their audience and understanding what they want and don’t want.

This connection alone gives me high hopes for Fall Guys as it continues to expand beyond just being a summer-fling.

One. More. Round.

Fall Guys is a fantastic game and a welcome change from the doom, gloom,and loot that permeates the battle royale genre. Mediatonic and Devolver Digital have a hit on their hands and I really hope they keep the momentum up. At this rate, Fall Guys has easily taken the crown as the most genuinely fun battle royale in the market.

I’ll see you all on the slime climb!

Yes, I’ve won 2 (3?) so far.


Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Review
The Good
  • Visually pleasing presentation and great soundtrack
  • Simple, fun gameplay that's as hilarious as it is intense
  • Great community building in such short time
The Bad
  • Game can become tedious after many rounds
  • Some connection-errors that hamper the game
  • Needs a lot more content to keep engaging
8Overall Score
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