Obsession can be a dangerous thing. I don’t mean in that creepy, obsessed with a person kind of way, never be that kind of obsessed. Obsessing over being the best at something or being obsessed with one thing to the point of self ruin is a dangerous place. I sort of experienced that once before with Overwatch. Back when I first started streaming regularly I just had my Xbox to stream off of. The built-in app is so bad it would fail to register most games, which meant I was regularly stuck playing the one game I knew worked.

I was a little above average as a tank in the game but I frequently was stuck playing alone which meant the game got frustrating fast. It started to tank the streaming experience and just felt like sprinting into a wall every night, but still, I kept playing trying to get a better experience out of pretty much for naught.

Why bring any of that up? Well, I became pretty self-aware that I was risking the same set-up with Apex Legends. As much as I love the game and still have fun playing it, the constant solo queuing and more made it clear that it wasn’t the best course to keep. I was aggravated all the time when fighting to get into the top 100 for my character, Mirage. The constant aggravation and many other factors made me take the step back after the most recent ALGS, and realize I needed to make some changes. I still stream and play Apex Legends, but I needed to do something more.

So this is the long-winded way to say that the games below are what I have been playing to branch out and bring back that fun aspect to streaming all while being on a budget.

Shikhondo: Soul Eater (Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Usually, I am not a fan of bullet hell games. The reason bullet hell worked for me in Nier: Automata is largely due to the full 3D environment making it a little more manageable to navigate around all the death orbs. Shikhondo: Soul Eater is 2D but the achievements are what sold me on the game. They are pretty forgiving sans about five of them so if you are looking for something to complete that offers a decent challenge this is what you should grab.

The gameplay boils down to whichever character (The Grim Reaper or simply The Girl) fighting an endless wave of enemies as they dodge and weave between the endless string of bullets. When the player finally beats the wave they must then tackle the boss. There are five bosses in the game, each of which has two lives. The first is a sexy lady who sends out a bunch of orbs in a set pattern that is easy to figure out. The second wave is usually some sort of distorted often demonic, yet still sort of sexy lady who has a new pattern, often moving faster. While not overtly sexualized it is a smidge odd to be battling demons and floating doll things only to end up in a boss fight with a giggling woman in a kimono.

The game isn’t that hard to get through, especially with infinite continues not locking most achievements. That does sort of mean death means nothing while you grind through. At the very least that means getting through the game multiple times for required achievements isn’t that bad. Even the endless boss mode allowed it which by that point I was able to get through two bosses with little to no damage done to me. At the end of the road, about ten dollars for about three hours of grinding to get all the achievements aren’t that bad overall. There are a few that require another player but it shouldn’t be that hard to knock out.

Persona 5 (PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4)

I have had no desire for insanely long RPGs for quite some time. One game kept popping up though, Persona 5. A streamer I enjoyed watching spent weeks playing it off and on, my community played it and talked amongst each other about it. I had originally made it an incentive to play the game during one of our recent streams. Now that I have picked it up I don’t want to put it back down.

Call it my affirmations on being an outcast but I love running around as Joker. I love that I stopped a drunk guy from pushing himself on an innocent woman. I placed my own rage on everyone around the protagonist for being so shitty towards him and treating the character like a villain for doing the right thing. Then befriending Ryuji and entering this other world where we grow powerful enough to unleash these demons or whatever to destroy the pedophile of a gym teacher. I was hooked, to say the least. Seems like the best twenty dollars I have spent all 2020.

Pick of The Month: Rogue Company (Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Mixing in the plummeting into the map of battle royals, the economy of CS: GO, and the larger than life characters of Overwatch and you have the blueprint of what it is like to play Rogue Company. This game feels so great to play, I love running around with just hatchets and the desert eagle, seeing how many kills I can grab. All the Rogues have their own abilities such as Dima with his grenade launcher, Vy has poison fields she can throw out, Ronin has an explosive knife, etc everyone even has an ultimate ability plus more to unlock in a match.

There are a few odd glitches here and there but the team is hard at work fixing them as quickly as they can. For instance, you used to be able to land on a building above the objective and snipe down on players from an unreachable area. That got patched out pretty quickly which brought back some balance to that map. Outside of that, the team is working on hit reg issues, crashing issues, and even more right now.

All of that being said the game is worth the initial fifteen dollars, there are other editions that unlock more characters straight out of the gate BUT all of them can be unlocked through the normal grind. It is perfect for nearly anyone’s budget because you can get the game for free through Twitch drops, or if you still have your Epic Games coupon for ten dollars off you only need to pay five dollars.

As much as I love Apex Legends it is nice to play something else and step away from that chase for the next rank. Persona 5 is going to take me some time to complete so it definitely was worth it as someone on a tight budget. So was getting a drop for Rogue Company there’s virtually endless replayability with multiplayer. If you have any more recommendations for great games that won’t break the budget let us know in the comments below.

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