A new player has entered the battle royale game with the technical test of Hyperscape. Ubisoft revealed to the world their entry into the battle royale genre with a game that is aesthetically reminiscent of Tron: Daft Punk-esque music, and virtual powers in tow. I was able to play the technical test thanks to watching a Twitch stream that dropped a code to access the test. I entered skeptically but left the technical test hankering for more of its bizarre techno approach to the genre. This is simply an impression: I don’t have enough data and game-time to truly assess this game for a review, but it left enough of an impression on me for me to talk about it.

Dishonored, Meet Crackdown

A whole new (virtual) world.

It’s hard for a battle royale to differentiate themselves nowadays: Fortnite has its building, Apex Legends has its hero focus and Call of Duty Warzone has its ridiculous 200GB download. What all three of these games have, are large maps filled with towns and vast fields in between for you to run across. This is where Hyperscape differs from the get-go: the game is in a large, fully-urban environment.

Hyperscape has a slick presentation and style.

That’s right, no more running across large fields filled with nothing but hay and dead bodies, instead, you’re running across the rooftops of what feels like an Assassins Creed game. Running across the game’s rooftops reminds me of a mix of Dishonoured’s Dunwal mixed with the future aesthetics of Crackdown. The game also looks and runs great, boasting a meager 8gb (thank god) download.

It’s impressive to see a game run this smoothly in a technical test of all things, but that being said there were points that the game disconnected and some minor bugs.

Virtual Warfare

Gunplay is frantic and fun, but that TTK needs work.

Hyperscape boasts verticality and speed which is enhanced by its ridiculous powers (dubbed “hacks”) which gives you access to incredible feats. These hacks come in the form of teleportation (Corvo, is that you?), slam: an ability that launches you into the air and well, slams you into the ground, mines, health and even the ability to turn into a giant bouncing ball which is both hilarious and advantageous.

The developers have already promised that there will be more hacks being added in the future, which suggests an exciting possibility of experimenting with more abilities.

Zone’s collapse and crumble away; make sure you’re not in there!

In terms of gunplay, Hyperscape plays very well. The gunplay feels somewhere between Warzone‘s realism and Apex Legends more arcadey gameplay. The guns come in the form of pistols (including a smart pistol that would give Titanfall 2 a run for its money), rifles, shotguns, mini-guns, grenade launchers, and more. Instead of finding attachments for your weapons, you can fuse the same weapons that stack and add more damage, ammo, etc (hacks can also be fused).

Instead of a circle closing in on you, Hyperscape features a zone-by-zone “collapse” where the virtual buildings start to deteriorate. The game does currently has an issue of its TTK (time-to-kill) which the developers have already recognized as an issue.

Room for one more?

I. Love. Bouncy. Ball. Hack.

It’s hard to say where Hyperscape will carve its niche: Fortnite has building and zany events (and god knows how many players) in check, PUBG plays it as real as possible,  Apex Legends and Warzone continue to fight for third place. This leaves Hyperscape in a particularly awkward situation.

While the gameplay is interesting enough, Ubisoft has an uphill battle for them if they want to compete in a tense, crowded space. I’ll have a lot more to say about Hyperscape when it releases with a review, but for now, as someone who has utterly burnt out of the genre, this game does have my attention.


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