“The Base is under attack!” is one of the big quotes that came out of the Gameplay trailer from IGN’s Sumer Game Fest for The Riftbreaker. Take a look.

The Riftbreaker is a game that mixes an action-RPG, RTS-style base builder, and a tower defense game all smushed together and comes from developer EXOR Studios.

With many other games of its kind, players are responsible to build an army to defend your base. In The Riftbreaker, you are the army. You’re a pilot inside a mech capable of level-shaking destruction and you can torch entire hordes with flamethrowers, mow them down with thundering cannons and miniguns, carve through them with swords and pound them back to the stone age with a barrage of missiles.

You can now add The Riftbreaker on your Steam Wishlist. Unfortunately, there is no official release date it is coming sometime in 2020.

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