Sony and Naughty Dog released 2 new videos for The Last of Us Part II. The first being a commercial showing Ellie taking on several enemies and the second being the third part of the video series leading up to the game’s launch. This new trailer provides insight into The Last of Us Part II’s world.

The trailer mostly provides the same information from the other trailers. We see the Washington Liberation Front, Seraphites, and Jacksonville. Small bits of information is provided such as how Jacksonville has become a haven from the horrors of the outside world. Providing ample food, security, and community. Allowing those living in the town to develop relationships and rebuild a sense of life. However, Ellie’s journey takes her away from that love for revenge.

We then see Ellie taking on both humans and infected using her various tactics.

The Last of Us Part II launches on PS4 this June 19th.

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