Upcoming VR action game, Lonn, caught our attention late last year, and we were just able to get a fresh look at the Upload VR Showcase. Developer SixSense Studios gave fans two minutes of new footage from the anticipated game. Tons of cyberpunk ninja action, first-person gunplay, and physics-based puzzles; what more could you ask for? Check it out below.

In Lonn, you play as the titular character, a former bounty hunter taking the fight to a mega-corporation named Megalo. Megalo is creating cyborgs. Considering you’ll be slicing your way through a full first-person campaign with sword in-hand, the cyborgs aren’t all that great.

Along with physics-driven melee combat, you’ll also have access to special powers like telekinesis. This will help with puzzles, letting you grasp out-of-reach objects, and you can also launch crates and other items (like your sword) at enemies when you’re low on ammo or need a destraction.

Lonn is coming to PC VR headsets later this year. Are you looking forward to the game? Let us know in the comments below.

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