Have you ever needed a break from your favorite game or the game you at least play the most? I had to take a break recently from Apex Legends, especially after being in the ALGS. During that week I took off I tried out a pretty wide array of games. While that itch to drop back into the grew more and more with each passing day I managed to push past and keep playing something else. Here are a few of the games I tried out and the great part is they didn’t cost me very much at all.

The Walking Dead: Michonne (Mobile, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, PC)

As burnt out as I was on The Walking Dead as a series, the games were mostly well done. The games surrounding Clementine and her story of growing up in this horrific world were wonderfully told. Counter to that both Overkill’s The Walking Dead and Activision’s adventure surrounding the Dixon brothers weren’t as well received. The Walking Dead: Michonne fits into a weird gray area in between those ends of the spectrum.

The game centers around the events that Michonne experienced after separating from the main group in the comic/graphic novel series. She is dealing with very heavy emotions and her thoughts are getting dangerous. In the opening chapter, she even contemplates suicide being stopped by one of the new characters introduced. The story to this shorter than usual Telltale Game follows Michonne getting wrapped up with a group who thinks she stole supplies from them. Player’s morality gets pulled in to question as the game goes on and you must choose between leaving the kids who stole to the mercy of this group or trying to help them escape.

The twists and turns of the game are pretty well done. The only real problem I had with it was the sometimes uncooperative controls. The signature thumbstick quick time events that usually feel incredibly smooth in Telltale Games has some noticeable issues here. There was one point in the opening sequences I had to redo one five times because the motion did not register on my Xbox One controller. I resorted to spastically flicking the stick around and it worked for whatever reason. Be that as it may, The Walking Dead: Michonne is still a great experience that can be played on Xbox Games Pass right now or is available for about fifteen dollars as a bundle.

Dread X Collection (PC)

A collection of horror games is almost always a great endeavor. A group of insanely talented developers was put together with one task, make a playable teaser for your dream horror concept. They had a week to do it and some of the ones in the bundle go above and beyond. Some of my favorites include The Pony Factory and Shatter. The Pony Factory follows a man trying to escape from the hell-spawned horses he had summoned. They are ravenous and want you dead. Armed with just a nail gun you wander through the pitch-black hallways as tension builds. Out of the darkness, you hear the horrific growls, not horse whinnies, guttural hungry growls as they charge. It’s wonderfully done as a concept and by far my favorite of the collection.

Shatter follows a man waking up in a post-apocalyptic world where these weird data-based creatures are treated as gods. At first, it seems like everyone is just crazy but partway through the adventure the player is finally shown what the gods look like. Needless to say, I was not expecting giant fly based gods. They see the player character as a new sort of messiah character and send him on a task. The game is as strange as it is enjoyable.

Other games on the list include Mr. Bucket Made Me Do It. Which follows a man stranded on an island as he slowly slips into madness. Don’t Go Out is a turn-based game that changes depending on what cards you get. The Pay is Nice follows a scientist at a facility shrouded in secret, is he the next victim? Grab the collection now for just seven dollars on Steam and a portion of your purchase benefits Doctors Without Borders.

Control (Xbox One, PS4, PC)

Control is one of those games that was very well received but a lot of things piled up to the point where I felt like I didn’t enjoy it as much as everyone else did. Most of my problems probably stem from the fact that I played on the Xbox One which has more performance issues than other platforms. Every three and a half hours it crashes, if you pause the game it stutters when it is unpaused, audio glitches and more all plagued my playthrough. I have heard that these don’t happen as often if at all on other platforms.

The story follows Jesse as she enters The Bureau to look for her brother. This weird event happened when they were kids and he has been missing from her life ever since. The story has intriguing moments to it and I’m sure a lot of other people found it interesting. My main grievances were how the story can feel like it expects you to already know things before it happens. I am not a fan of having to look for notes in games or actively reading every single one of them when I find them.

I believe the story should be conveyed understandably through natural gameplay, character interactions, and cutscenes. With Control it felt like I HAVE to read everything, which can be problematic in several ways when streaming it.

There were some other nitpicks I had, such as taking damage when behind solid objects as well as combat feeling a little repetitive at times. Outside of that though the additional videos in the collectible menu, leveling the gun/character and all the powers were pretty enjoyable. I recommend trying the game out and seeing if you like it. If you want to try it out Control will run you twenty to thirty dollars depending on your platform.

There is no pick of the month this month since I had no way to splurge and try a more expensive game. These games were a tolerable distraction from Apex Legends but my love for that game runs too deep. No matter how much I tried to enjoy these games Apex was always in the back of my mind. Try some of them out and let us know in the comments below what you think of them, or just tell us what games you are playing to distract yourself from the ongoing dumpster fire outside.

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