Today Electronic Arts showcased their virtual show EA Play 2020 which dove into what they have to offer this year and into the future.

The show started with Apex Legends as Respawn announced a new event, Lost Treasures, and the fact that the game would be coming to Nintendo Switch later this year alongside crossplay between all platforms.

Members of the wildly popular Sims 4 team showcased a touching message about diversity which was one of the highlights of the entire show. It’s also coming to Steam!

From the creators of A Way Out, a new game was announced called It Takes Two which focuses on a child whose parents are going through a divorce which prompts her to create an imaginary version of them to process what’s happening.

A surprise announcement was a game about a girl and her pet dice in navigating a Tim Burton-esque world called Lost in Random.

Next up is a new multiplayer game from first-time developers: if you love rockets, then this is the game for you. Rocket Arena is a new 3-v-3 multiplayer game starring a cast of colorful rocketeers vying for victory.

The show continued with a full-reveal of Star Wars: Squadron which promises the series’s exciting space battle in ways players have never experienced before. The showcase revealed new gameplay that had Rebel and Imperial forces fighting across single-player and multiplayer. Star Wars Squadrons is out this October 2nd, 2020.

EA Sports games and their next-gen offerings were also highlighted during the showcase, giving a glimpse at what the next-gen of EA Sports will look like.

EA Play began to close off the show with a look at some next-gen technology which by any indication could be a new Battlefield and Dragon Age, and a secret EA Motive game revealed for the first time.



Finally, the show ends with a reveal many fans have been waiting for a long time to hear about: Skate 4! The popular skateboarding series is back with more information coming in the future.

For more game reveals all summer long, stay tuned to Gaming Access Weekly.



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